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JLG Digital: Keep them Reading
JLG Digital

Your readers love print books.
The uncertainties of the school year require digital solutions.
With our Blended Reading Bundle, you can satisfy both!

Bundle an annual subscription to JLG Digital with your print subscription and get the first 6 months of JLG Digital for FREE!

For a fraction of the cost of other digital reading platforms, JLG Digital gives your readers unlimited, simultaneous multi-user access to a revolving selection of JLG ebooks and audiobooks. No more paying for multiple digital copies of a single book. JLG Digital books are accessible to all of your readers, all the time. 

The Most Cost-Effective Ebook Solution

JLG Digital offers streams for ElementaryMiddle School, and High School readers. Each stream delivers more than 150 revolving titles each year, with each title remaining in the stream for an average of 30-90 days. An unlimited number of readers can access any book at the same time and as many times as they choose while it's live in the stream. At the end of each book’s trial period, you can see which titles are most popular with your students BEFORE you purchase and permanently add them to your print or digital collection.

JLG Digital Pricing Chart

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JLG Digital Highlights

  • Truly simultaneous, multi-user access from any device. An unlimited number of users can access each book in the stream at the same time, so no one has to wait for a favorite and no more paying for multiple digital copies of a single book!
  • Revolving selection of Gold Standard ebooks and audiobooks. New titles enter the JLG Digital stream monthly, much like other streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Apple Music, giving your readers access to a rotating online bookshelf of new and noteworthy reads.
  • A full year costs less than the average of just 30 individual ebooks from other digital platforms. Yes, you read that right. With JLG Digital, you'll get 150+ revolving titles each year for less than you'd spend for a classroom set of one book.
  • Digital reading tools for success. Readers can highlight content, set bookmarks, search indexes, build presentations, and access citation guides right from the digital page.
  • Exclusive access to Lerner classics. JLG Digital is the only platform to purchase digital classics, bringing these long-standing favorites into a contemporary format.
  • Widest variety of formats and genres. Your readers will find exactly what they love in our revolving digital collection, from fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels, audiobooks, eBooks, and read-a-long titles.
  • User reporting & circulation measurement. JLG Digital analyzes usage to identify which streaming books are trending, giving you circulation confidence before you permanently add books to your digital (or print) collection.
  • Wide selection of previously streamed titles available for purchase. Once titles exit the stream they become available for purchase from JLG Digital at competitive, fair-market pricing. You are never obligated to purchase any titles.
  • Classroom tools for success. Now you can connect JLG Digital to your Google Classroom and integrate it with your Google Single Sign-On.

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Revolving Streams of Top-Quality Titles

JLG Digital offers a unique online reading experience. Like other streaming services such as Netflix, JLG Digital features a rotating collection of titles each available for a particular amount of time (averaging 60-90 days). This means that your readers have a constantly revolving choice of books so nothing gets stale and there's always something new on your virtual shelf! You'll be able to see how long each book has remaining in the stream and you'll receive updates on what new titles are scheduled to enter the stream the following month. It's the perfect way for you to see how the streaming titles perform with your readers before you purchase them for your permanent collection.  


The streaming bookshelf offers:

  • A constantly revolving selection of JLG titles.
  • The ability to test books with your readers before you purchase them for your collection.
  • New simultaneous, multi-user access books every month for one annual subscription price. 

Explore the Content: A Personalized Experience

Most students feel more comfortable with digital content because they don’t know a world before technology, and with JLG Digital you have the ability to prioritize their preferences to fit their individual needs. Personalizing their experience promotes confidence, enthusiasm and motivates them to continue reading.

Your readers will have the opportunity to enjoy the award-winning selections they love from JLG with anytime, anywhere access. Browse, borrow, and read editors’ top picks across all categories instantly on a phone, tablet, or computer.


The full-function eReader allows your readers to:

  • Search and browse titles in the Selection Stream
  • Download titles in offline mode
  • Personalize with bookmarks and favorite
  • Read along and listen through audioplay (for audio-enabled selections)

Buy: Purchase with Confidence

Deciding which titles to purchase can often feel like navigating a chaotic sea of ebooks and audiobooks. And with budgetary restraints, selecting titles that will circulate well is more important than ever. At the end of each book's trial period, use the JLG Digital data to decide whether to add it to your permanent print or digital collection. Purchase confidently, knowing your selections will circulate. 

Making the most of JLG Digital’s usage reports will help you:

  • Choose titles confidently, because you’ll have the data to back up your choices.
  • Monitor how often a title was checked out during its trial period
  • Make informed decisions about whether to add those titles to your collection permanently

Interested? Get more information about a demonstration and how you can bundle an annual subscription to JLG Digital with your print subscription and receive 6 months of JLG Digital for FREE!

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