JLG Monthly Archives 2018

December 2018
On-Demand Webcasts

October 2018
Club Kids
How to Tailor Your Book Club

September 2018
Build a Year-Long Book Bash
Empower Your Students to Grow Their Love of Reading
Letters from Home

August 2018
Back to School: Coming of Age
The Power of Storytelling

June 2018
Engage Your Readers with Podcasts
Ask the Librarian: Preventing the Summer Slide

How to Help Young Readers Enjoy Nonfiction

May 2018
Keys to Working with Administrators
Warehouse Sale Recap

Ask the Librarian: This is My Art

April 2018
Treat Your Readers: 9 Tips for Increasing Reader Appetite
Behind the Curtain: JLG Reveals the Selection Process

March 2018
Nevertheless, She Persisted
Ask the Librarian: Missed Webcasts

Secrets for Librarians: Mom Blogger Tells All

February 2018

January 2018

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