MUZZY BBC + Your Library = Bilingual Children

Libraries can make a difference to their youngest patrons by providing the ability to become bilingual, including children who are new to the English language. Junior Library Guild is pleased to bring you MUZZY BBC, the world’s #1 language learning course for children.

MUZZY helps children as young as two learn a second language by watching a video story and playing games, many for non-readers. While youngsters learn more than 1200 words and phrases, they are immersed in the story of Muzzy and his friends, mimicking the way we all learned our mother tongue. Children have so much fun, they don’t know they’re learning!

Contact a collection development expert for pricing options or to learn more about Muzzy at 800.491.0174 or email to bring the adventures of language learning with Muzzy to your library today! 

Watch this video to learn why MUZZY BBC has been beloved by millions of children around the world and how you can add language learning to your collection.


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