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Fantastic New Categories for 2016

JLG is kicking off 2016 with the introduction of seven new categories designed to support school curriculum needs and keep kids reading from preschool through adult crossover. Each new category will provide 12 books per year all chosen with the same eye for quality of selections and service that librarians have relied on for over 85 years.

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Printed Books

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   Character Building Elementary—Perfect for elementary school readers interested in books that offer positive messages and spark thoughtful discussions. Grades 2-6

   Fantasy/Science Fiction Elementary—Perfect for elementary readers looking for swords and sorcery or aliens and alternate futures. Grades 2-6

   Multicultural ElementaryPerfect for elementary readers seeking books about diverse characters and cultures. Grades 2-6

   Religious Books Elementary—Church-affiliated, religious private schools and faith based readers. Grades 2-6. Provides 6 books per year.

   Biography MiddlePerfect for middle school readers seeking to learn and be inspired by the lives of others. Grades 5-8

    PG MiddlePerfect for middle school readers looking for books free of risqué storylines, strong language, and violence. Grades 5-8

   Adult Crossover NonfictionPerfect for older teens who enjoy nonfiction and are ready for adult reading. Grades 11 & up

   PG HighPerfect for teens looking for books free of risqué storylines, strong language, and intense violence. Grades 9 & up