August 28, 2012

All Eyes and Ears

Written by Susan Marston

Wrapping my head around what may interest or bother others is something I’ve worked on for some time, as every book submitted to JLG presents this challenge. But noting what current issues or events whether in the office, our company, the publishing world, the books we read, or our process—will be interesting to others? That’s something else altogether!

Since we decided to start a blog, I’ve given myself permission to stop and think (and stare off into space) a little more often about things beyond the books I’m reading or writing about, and how the current list fits together. I’ve been asking publishers how early I can talk about the books they send us and wondering what questions you might have. Of late, several publishers have asked me where the holes are—what types of books or topics seem to be missing, what we cannot find enough of (ethnic diversity and books with urban settings!). Other contacts are asking about the Common Core Standards and how they are affecting our customers. So, please chime in with queries or suggestions, what you need as the Common Core Standards are implemented, and whatever else interests you. Deborah has a wealth of knowledge about libraries and is eager to track down answers to whatever our members need, Leslie may soon be visiting a town near you (maybe you can speak to her in person!), and I can always be reached here on Shelf Life or via e-mail:

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Susan Marston

Susan Marston

Susan Marston is our Editorial Director in New York. Susan has been selecting books for Junior Library Guild for a few years shy of half her life and even after all this time, finds that the work never grows old. She likens finding the perfect book for each slot on the JLG list to solving a tricky and very satisfying puzzle and enjoys the privilege of reading—and falling in love with—great books long before they capture the public imagination.

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