October 19, 2017

Bring bilingualism to the children in your community. MUZZY BBC is here!

Written by Jeanette Rivard

Junior Library Guild is pleased to announce that the #1 language learning course for children is available through your JLG account rep.
MUZZY, developed by the BBC, has helped children become bilingual for over 30 years. Children learn by watching an entertaining and captivating 3-D video about the adventures (and misadventures!) of the extraterrestrial Muzzy and his friends.
MUZZY introduces children as young as two to 1200+ words and phrases to create a truly bilingual child. MUZZY BBC is available for 7 languages, as DVD sets or as an online subscription to MUZZY Club. Games and activities in MUZZY Club continue the fun, and learning, for all children, even those who don’t yet read.

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Jeanette Rivard

Jeanette Rivard is our Marketing Specialist. She's responsible for pulling together all of our e-mails, including the JLG Monthly. She also maintains our Web site making sure that the information you find there is complete and accurate. Jeanette starts gaining in-depth knowlege of a JLG title as soon as Susan Marston selects it. And twice yearly she has the opportunity to thank authors and illustrators for their phenomenal work by sending award packets to them. Having been in the publishing business for a mind-boggling amount of years, she feels that children's and young adult authors and illustrators are the most grateful and considerate of all!

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