August 28, 2012

How Many Bears?

Written by Susan Marston

Candlewick Press sent us a school-year calendar in honor of their twenty years in business (I remember our first meeting!). They feature a different bear character for each of thirteen months (August through August), and I bet they are not the only publisher with that depth in bear books. How many children’s book bears can you name off the top of your head? (A good half of them are probably called Bear, so that makes it easier!) Could you fill a calendar? I’m guessing yes. I was pondering with my family whether there is another animal that could fill the role of the bear in kids’ books—four-limbed, seemingly cuddly, “sweet,” sleepy, and sometimes a little dim. We didn’t come up with a good substitute.

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Susan Marston

Susan Marston

Susan Marston is our Editorial Director in New York. Susan has been selecting books for Junior Library Guild for a few years shy of half her life and even after all this time, finds that the work never grows old. She likens finding the perfect book for each slot on the JLG list to solving a tricky and very satisfying puzzle and enjoys the privilege of reading—and falling in love with—great books long before they capture the public imagination.

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