May 03, 2016

Tech Tuesday: Book Infographic

Written by Deborah B. Ford

While pinning things you should know from my email, I was reminded that May is National Pet Month. Wouldn’t it be fun to have an infographic about 9 Books about Pets for Celebrating Pet month? You see those graphics all the time on Pinterest. What are people using? Can I do it in Word? Would a table be better so the holes are filled? I asked my graphic designer, but she’s a Mac girl, and wasn’t sure Word would let me do it. Determined to find an answer, I opened a new Word doc. Here’s what I learned.

Maybe someone can, but probably not me. First I dumped in pictures. I had to shrink the size to fit the page. Then I had to format the picture. Even if that was going to work, I’m pretty sure I don’t have time to create these things if that’s how you do it. So, I thought, 9 Books to Celebrate National Pet Monthwhat about a table with an autofit? That works fine if your covers are the same size. They don’t fit nice and neatly like the graphics you see online. And if I wanted to pin it, wouldn’t I need to convert the word doc into an image?

My head began to spin, so I went back to Pinterest to look at some of the images. On a few click-throughs, I learned that some are making these infographics with Canva. You can choose a template and add text over it. If you use your own graphics and other free templates you can download it for free. What I ended up making (see left) is what I made there. I can immediately share it to Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. I can also pin it to Pinterest right on the Canva page.

My new problem is that when I originally dragged it to Canva, the url to the book detail was embedded. Now I can only get a static image or it goes to Canva. After following the 10 minute tech rule, I walked away.

This morning I’ve moved on. I uploaded the Canva image, linked it to this post, and I’m letting it go–for now. You know I’ll have to come back and solve the problem.

P.S. If you know the solution or a better product to use, let me know. There’s a Librarians Rock sticker in it for you.

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Deborah B. Ford

Deborah B. Ford

Deborah B. Ford, JLG’s Director of Library Outreach, is an award-winning library media specialist and international speaker with almost thirty years of experience as a classroom teacher and librarian in K–12 schools. Traveling across North America, she does workshops, library coaching, and professional development for school and public libraries. Deborah is the author of JLG's Booktalks to Go @ SLJ. She also maintains an award-winning coordinating online resource at Contact her at Follow her on Twitter @jlgdeborahford.

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