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October 26, 2015

PPP: NSTA2015 Reno Bridging the Content Gap with Nonfiction

Written By Deborah B. Ford

For my last trip of the month, I went out of the box and spoke at the National Science Teachers Association Regional Conference in Reno. I was slated to present Bridging the Content Gap with Nonfiction, a new session I just wrote. I promised to talk about new nonfiction (I chose 30 titles), free resources for teaching, additional free information text resources, and technology to bring it all together. In an hour. Um. Yeah. While I was getting dressed, two thoughts came into my head: 1) Don't let my new grandbaby come while I'm gone and 2) Let someone show up for the session. So. What happened on Saturday morning?

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January 02, 2013

Time for Some Gardening

Written By Deborah B. Ford

With several inches of snow on the ground in a good part of the country, it hardly seems the time to talk about gardening. Translate that to weeding and you'll understand what I mean. It is always weeding season in a library. As I was preparing for our next live webinar, "Just the Facts," I found some really good weeding resources. I lined up some tips to make it easier and perhaps less painful.

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