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New nonfiction category for middle-grade readers

Nonfiction books are the real deal 

Gone are the days of Nonfiction selections sitting idly on school library shelves while their fiction counterparts circulate. Today's Nonfiction books not only capture the attention of young readers, but their creative and accessible approaches make the content stick.

While you will find outstanding Nonfiction selections in many of our categories, JLG offers a varied collection of Nonfiction-specific categories for Pre-K through High School/Adult Crossover. Subscribe to these categories and keep your students coming back for more of the real deal!

Are your shelves stocked with the best in Nonfiction?

Members—add these categories to your subscription today! Not a member? Become a member to get books in these and other categories every month, shipped for free!

*The books in these series are handpicked by experienced School Library Journal editors.

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