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The books kids clamor for are packaged in this 10 Category bundle. Guaranteed to induce high-fives and smiles from your young readers.

132 books:

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  • Intermediate Readers

    Grades 3-5

    A wide variety of novels and accessible nonfiction for younger elementary readers who love a good story comprise this category of 12 books per year. The focus in these titles is primarily on the text, though some novels may feature illustration.

    12 Titles/Year

    $195.60 / year
  • Arts Elementary Plus

    Grades 2-6

    Draw! Dance! Sing! The 14 books in this category celebrate creativity and will foster a love of the arts among elementary schoolers.

    14 Titles/Year

    $245.70 / year
  • Biography Elementary Plus

    Grades 2-6

    Fascinating biographies and autobiographies will allow your elementary readers to look into the lives, thoughts, and accomplishments of the individuals who have shaped our world. And with 14 books per year, they'll discover a remarkable person each month.

    14 Titles/Year

    $245.70 / year
  • City Elementary

    Grades 2-6

    Urban situations and plot lines featuring ethnically and culturally diverse characters give these books a unique city flavor and feel. Young urban readers will find familiar images, and readers who are not from the city will enjoy exploring life from a new perspective. The 12 books you'll receive in this category will ensure that urban adventures are available all year long.

    12 Titles/Year

    $210.60 / year
  • Graphic Novels Elementary Plus

    Grades 3-6

    The 14 books in this category are kid-friendly, age appropriate fiction and nonfiction titles featuring sequential art and text designed to attract avid and reluctant readers alike.

    14 Titles/Year

    $238.70 / year
  • Humor Elementary Plus

    Grades 2-6

    Fans of Mac Barnett, Ursula Vernon, and Jeff Kinney will get their fill of belly laughs with the 14 books in this category. Sure to keep smiles alive.

    14 Titles/Year

    $207.20 / year
  • Series Nonfiction How-To

    Grades 3-5

    These 12 titles provide hands-on instruction for how-to projects in subjects from science to arts and crafts. They are the best books from series chosen by School Library Journal's editors.

    12 Titles/Year

    $258.00 / year
  • Mystery/Adventure Elementary Plus

    Grades 2-6

    Spine-tingling tales of suspense and adventure compose this 14 book category-filled with both fiction and nonfiction titles. Elementary readers who thrive on a thrill will really spark to these selections.

    14 Titles/Year

    $213.50 / year
  • Primary

    Grades K-1

    Story time just got even more enriching. These inviting nonfiction and fiction selections feature full illustration and easy-to-follow stories your students will love to read aloud. The 12 books per year in this category will keep them engaged all year long.

    12 Titles/Year

    $195.60 / year
  • Sports Elementary Plus

    Grades 2-6

    Welcome to an exciting world of sports-themed fiction and nonfiction sure to win over your elementary sports fans. Have a few reluctant readers? These action-packed titles are a great way to get them in the game. And with 14 books per year, sports fans will be entertained all year long.

    14 Titles/Year

    $228.20 / year

Recent award winners from these categories.

Dead Voices

by Katherine Arden

Mystery/Adventure Elementary Plus

Small in the City

by Sydney Smith

City Elementary

Field Trip to The Moon

by John Hare


This Was Our Pact

by Ryan Andrews

Graphic Novels Elementary Plus

Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid: Rowley Jefferson's Journal

by Jeff Kinney

Humor Elementary Plus

Two Brothers, Four Hands: The Artists Alberto and Diego Giacometti

by Jan Greenberg

Arts Elementary Plus

Upcoming selections from these categories.

Experiments with Living Things

by Anna Claybourne

Series Nonfiction How-To

Hi, I'm Norman: The Story of American Illustrator Norman Rockwell

by Robert Burleigh

Arts Elementary Plus

Home in the Woods

by Eliza Wheeler



by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Mystery/Adventure Elementary Plus

Soccerverse: Poems About Soccer

by Elizabeth Steinglass

Sports Elementary Plus

Soldier for Equality: José de la Luz Sáenz and the Great War

by Duncan Tonatiuh

Biography Elementary Plus

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