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Recommended by you colleagues, this collection contains the 6 most popular Categories ordered for middle and junior high readers.

80 books:

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  • Upper Elementary & Junior High

    Grades 5-7

    The perfect literary mix for your middle-grade readers. Featuring subject matter a bit more complex and multi-dimensional, this category is packed with captivating novels and fascinating nonfiction. Expect the 12 books offered in tis category to fly off the shelf.

    12 Titles/Year

    $195.60 / year
  • Advanced Readers

    Grades 6-9

    Your pre-teen and teen readers won't be able to get enough of these selections. The 12 books here are a bit longer than our B category titles, with more challenging storylines and a wealth of thought-provoking nonfiction.

    12 Titles/Year

    $201.60 / year
  • Fantasy/Science Fiction Middle Plus

    Grades 5-8

    Your middle-school readers will thrill to new futures, fantasy realms, and alternate realities. Readers will look forward to discovering a new world monthly with the 14 books in this category.

    14 Titles/Year

    $235.90 / year
  • High Interest Middle Plus

    Grades 5-8

    These exciting, age-appropriate fiction and nonfiction titles will appeal to even the most reluctant middle-school readers. With that kind of appeal, the 14 books in this category will rarely sit on the shelf.

    14 Titles/Year

    $235.20 / year
  • Mystery Middle Plus

    Grades 5-8

    For gripping mystery and adventure, look no further than these riveting fiction and nonfiction books. Your middle school suspense seekers simply won't be able to tear themselves away from the page. And with 14 books offered yearly, the suspense never ends.

    14 Titles/Year

    $249.90 / year
  • Sports Middle Plus

    Grades 5-8

    An action-packed level devoted exclusively to sports. These fiction and nonfiction selections are sure to be a hit with your middle-school sports fans. And the hits arrive each month with this 14 book category.

    14 Titles/Year

    $235.20 / year

Recent award winners from these categories.


by Akwaeke Emezi

Advanced Readers

Girl of the Southern Sea

by Michelle Kadarusman

Advanced Readers

The Next Great Paulie Fink

by Ali Benjamin

Upper Elementary & Junior High

The Line Tender

by Kate Allen

Advanced Readers

The Strangers: Greystone Secrets

by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Mystery Middle Plus

The Mighty Heart of Sunny St. James

by Ashley Herring Blake

Advanced Readers

Upcoming selections from these categories.

A Time Traveler's Theory of Relativity

by Nicole Valentine

Mystery Middle Plus

Ember and the Ice Dragons

by Heather Fawcett

Fantasy/Science Fiction Middle Plus

Out to Get You: 13 Tales of Weirdness and Woe

by Josh Allen

High Interest Middle Plus

Strange Birds: A Field Guide to Ruffling Feathers

by Celia C. Pérez

Upper Elementary & Junior High

Strike Zone

by Mike Lupica

Sports Middle Plus

The Long Ride

by Marina Budhos

Advanced Readers

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