Adventures in Science Series
by Capstone Press/Graphic Library

Series Review
Don’t be fooled by the graphic-novel style format of this series; titles explore their subjects in depth. For example, in Volcanoes, readers are introduced to many different types of eruptions: Strombolian, Plinian, Surtseyan, etc. The volumes are unique and a bit quirky. The subtle humor in Rocks is quite endearing in its depiction of geologists’ love for rocks and the many fascinating things they can learn from them. Some readers may find it disconcerting when subjects are anthropomorphized. For example, Volcanoes states that, “Mount Vesuvius in Italy erupted in furious anger,” and in Asteroids and Comets, it’s suggested that the title objects“live lonely lives.” Though the format may make this content-rich series more attractive for many readers, it may disappoint those looking for a quick read because of the extensive detail.

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