How Does Government Work? Series
by Lerner Publishing

Series Review
With as much pep as a Sousa march, these titles delineate the hows and whys of U.S. government. Similar to Gareth Stevens’s “Know Your Government” (2009), the writing is direct and engaging. The illustrations are a compelling blend of historical photos, stock photos, and period sketches. Each image is captioned with information that supplements the text. Red and blue design elements and borders look crisp and lively against the white backgrounds. While each book stands by itself, as a whole, they emphasize the relationships between the government’s many parts. All of the volumes are also available as interactive ebooks.

Please note: The books listed below are available by special order only and cannot be used as a substitution or replacement for JLG Reading Level or SLJ Series Nonfiction Level books. Orders for these titles cannot be canceled.


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