Search for Other Books in the Series

If you have a certain SLJ Series Nonfiction title that you have received from JLG and wish to know about the other books in that series, here is how you can go about finding them.

  • For example, if you received Mantises, enter that title in the search box at the top right of any JLG Web page and hit enter/search.

  • Locate the title on the search page results and click on it. On the book page for Mantises, scroll down on the details tab to the ‘series’ section. There you will see a link to view the other titles in this series.

  • Click on the link in the ‘series’ section to view a complete list of the remaining titles in the series. You can purchase these books directly from this page.

Once you’re on any series Web page, you can search for the books in the other series as well  using the right hand navigation—as shown on this page— to take you there. 

If you would rather search by Reading Level, here’s how:

  • Select the SLJ Level you wish to view (Books and Levels/Browse by Reading Level)

  • Scroll down to the ‘Recent Selections’ section and click on the View All button

  • JLG  selections will be listed with a date in the date column (Sept 2011, Backlist Nov 2010)

  • Other books in the series NOT selected by JLG will have no date listed in the date field. It will simply say Backlist



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