Sci-Hi: Science Issues Series by Raintree

Series Review
Tackling intriguing and sometimes controversial topics, these hi/lo titles provide a thorough, yet approachable exploration of their subjects. This series is chockfull of photographs, diagrams, and informative sidebars, and the facts are presented in an eye-popping, visually engaging format. Each volume poses a question, provides background information, and explores all aspects of its subject including cutting-edge scientific developments as well as ethical issues. For example, in Organ Transplants, readers learn about the history of organ transplantation, the process of organ donation, and the ethical concerns involved, such as who is eligible to receive a transplant and whether the sale of organs should remain illegal. Readers are encouraged to think critically and actively engage in the scientific and ethical debates. Suitable for reports or simply to satisfy readers’ curiosity.—School Library Journal

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