The Way It Was Series
by Capstone/Nonfiction Picture Books

Series Review
A variety of artistic styles and stories of fictional people give readers a sense of life during historical situations. At the beginning of each volume, a character invites readers to take on the role of a pioneer, cabin attendant, etc. Information is conveyed via narration, other historical characters, text boxes, interjections by modern characters, and diagrams.  Some of the art was created with acrylics while the rest was drawn digitally, but all of the illustrations are colorful and eye-catching. The text doesn’t romanticize the past. Each volume conveys the hard work, lack of hygiene, and limited or poor food supply. Slaves are depicted in Settler. In both Cabin Boy and Explorer, attacks take place, but the victims quickly surrender and no bloodshed is shown. This series provides a quick and fun way for readers to learn about life in the past.

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