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February 2017

From the Desk of Deb: What I've learned While Leading Professional Development
Ask the Librarian: How Do I Get a Author or Illustrator to Visit My Library?
Save the Date: JLG Spring Warehouse Sale April 21-22
27 JLG Selections Win 31 ALA Youth Media Awards





January 2017

January Webcast: A New Year’s Celebration of New Books
From the Desk of Deb: Lessons Learned from My Visit to Prison
Ask the Librarian: What is a Subject Heading and What Type Should I Choose?
Sneak Peek at JLG’s Spring 2017 Selections
Introducing More Plus Categories



December 2016

December Webcast: Silly & Somber Books for Spring 2017
Fantastic Book Selections for Winter (SLJ Series Nonfiction)
The Best New Biographies for Grades 2–6
From the Desk of Deb: Catch Up on the Best of 2016
Ask the Librarian: How Can I Convince My Administrator to Allow Me to Attend My State or National Conference?

November 2016

November Webcast: New Books by Favorite Authors and Fall Debut, Class of 2016
From the Desk of Deb: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: National Picture Book Month
Ask the Librarian: How can I get my stakeholders to give me money from my JLG Categories?


October 2016

October Webcasts: 30 Minutes with Jeff Strand and Falling for New Teen Books from JLG
From the Desk of Deb: Stories Ripped from the Headlines
Ask the Librarian: How can I use Facebook to raise awareness about our library?
Book Cart Winners





    September 2016

     30 Minutes with Bill Harley Webcast
     From the Desk of Deb: Bill Harley and Me: We Go Way Back
     Ask the Librarian: How can I mark books so I know the "new" ones,
     when they are returned?
     Fan Art Contest
     JLG Fall Warehouse Sale


 August 2016

A Hat, a Pig, and Panda Pants Webcast
Introducing "+" categories providing 14 books per year
Sofa Secrets author and illustrator interview videos
From the Desk of Deb: 4 Easy Ways to RE-Vamp Your Back-to-School Library Space
Ask the Librarian: What Is a MARC Record?


  July 2016

  •   Announcing the Fall 2016 Selections
      SLJ TeenLive
      From the Desk of Deb: Fall 2016: A Sneak Peak
      Ask the Librarian:
      Why Should I Download A MARC Placeholder?


June 2016

Books We Love Webcast
New Selections for Summer: Audiobooks & SLJ Series Nonfiction
Announcing the Huffy Cruiser Bike Winner
From the Desk of Deb: Beyond the Books—JLG Style
Ask the Librarian: I inherited a school library where half of the books have the spine label on the front and the other half have them on the back. Should I use the time I have this summer to change them? Where is the best place to put a barcode on a book?


  May 2016

 30 Minutes with Kwame Alexander Webcast
 New Selections for Summer: Audiobooks & SLJ Series Nonfiction
 Announcing the JLG Book Trailer Contest Winners
 Entries Being Accepted for SLJ’s School Librarian of the Year Award
 From the Desk of Deb:
 Toot Your Own Horn (Before They Can’t Hear It)
 Ask the Librarian:
 How do I handle blocked websites? I have a technology team that seems to block everything I want to show.—Anonymous from New York

April 2016

Celebrate Your Excellence
Stars so Far Webcast
Introducing our Newest Category: Character Building Elementary (CBE)
Book Trailers Due Today
Spring Warehouse Sale
Celebrate National Poetry Month
From the Desk of Deb: Rally Around Your Debut Authors and Illustrators
Ask the Librarian: I know I should celebrate poetry week all year-long, but what are some extra-special ways I can highlight the genre during National Poetry Month?—Anonymous from Kansas 

March 2016

Explore our new PG Categories
JLG Book Trailer Contest Open to High School Students
From the Desk of Deb: Women Who Rock(ed) the World
Ask the Librarian: Reference Works

February 2016

Battle of the Book Packages Now Available
From the Desk of Deb: Celebrate Black History Month All Year
Ask the Librarian: How School Libraries Impact Student Learning


January 2016

New Categories to Captivate Your Students
What's Hot for Spring?: The Newest JLG Selections, Of Course!
From the Desk of Deb: 4 Ways to Find Time in the New Year



December 2015

Explore the New SLJ Series Nonfiction Titles for Winter
From the Desk of Deb: Making a List and Checking It Twice:
Last Efforts to Catch up on Best of 2015
Doodle Winners
Ask the Librarian: Author and Illustrator Award Packets




November 2015

From the Desk of Deb: What Do the Tea Leaves Say and Other
Crystal Ball Predictions

Doodle Your Way to a Great Prize
Introducing New Audiobook Selections
Ask the Librarian: After School Technology Program for Students


October 2015

From the Desk of Deb: Up Your Twitter Game in Four Easy Steps
Ask the Librarian: Getting Elementary Students to Check Out a Book with
an Old Cover





September 2015

From the Desk of Deb: Red Light, Green Light: What's Your Signal?
Booktalks to Go: Tears will Be Shed: Heart-Wrenching Novels for Middle Grades
Explore JLG’s Fundraising Program
Ask the Librarian: Getting Students to Return Their Books on Time