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  • 01.23.2015

    JLG Behind the Scenes: Award Packets

    Ever wonder what goes on at Junior Library Guild? Do you have images of people sitting around on couches reading hot-off-the-press novels? What about the warehouse? Do you wonder where the books come from? What's the process from publisher to you? Is there a sticker party once a month to process all your books? Do authors and illustrators wander through the building?

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  • 01.13.2015

    Show But Don't Tell: Must-Have Wordless Books

    It has characters, a plot, a setting, and a problem. It has pictures that fill in the gaps that words sometimes leave. Thirty-two pages is a piece of cake in comprehending a children's book. How hard could it possibly be? And if it's true that they say a picture paints a thousand words, why are people afraid of wordless books?

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  • 01.08.2015

    TBT: Embarrassing Moments with Author Rock Stars

    One of the great things about going to conferences is spending time listening to authors talk about their craft. We learn about their inspiration, their frustration, and maybe we get to hear about their families. Then comes the time for a book signing. We stand in line, patiently waiting our turn. Then it happens. We come face to face with the rock stars of our world. Is it possible to speak at that point without gushing and sounding completely ridiculous? You won't believe what happened to me.

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  • 01.07.2015

    Tissue Box Novels for Middle Graders

    What kind of student were you? Did you sit in the front row or hide in the back? Which clique was yours? Did you bring your lunch or buy it? What did you do at recess? Before your readers get your last goat, take a moment to put yourself in their shoes. Everyone comes with their own baggage. Sometimes you can see it, and sometimes you can't. This week in my weekly column at SLJ, I wrote about kids who struggle in school. Here's what I really thought as I was reading.

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