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Every year, our renowned editors curate selections for 80+ reading level and genre categories. Simply subscribe to the categories you’d like our help developing and, voila!, you’ll receive brand-new books in those categories every month, all year long.

Your personal book-selection committee

Book selection is often the highlight of a librarian’s day—but when that day is fractured into a million competing priorities, it’s sometimes hard to find dedicated time for it. This is where our renowned editorial team comes in. Our editors have an astounding track record of choosing award-worthy and award-winning titles for our collection—JLG’s editors are an extension of your time and your team.
Nearly 95% of JLG Gold Standard Selections go on to earn starred or favorable reviews and industry honors and awards.
Selected by JLG
November 2021
Publication Date
May 2022
JLG Release
August 2022
Caldecott Award
January 2023
Selected by JLG
November 2021
Publication Date
February 2022
JLG Release
July 2022
Newbery Medal
January 2023
Selected by JLG
November 2021
Publication Date
March 2022
JLG Release
May 2022
Printz Award
January 2023
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Collection development is not one-size-fits-all. That’s why you have 100% control over your subscription. Customize it for your preferences. Control which books and categories you receive. And count on us to solve any challenge you encounter.
You have 100% control over your subscription.
Pick the categories you want to receive.
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Switch categories as often as your needs change.
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Review the books in your upcoming box prior to shipment.
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Swap books in your shipment with any other books, regardless of category.
Set alerts to ensure the books in your shipment are appropriate for your readers.
Return any book for any reason—and receive a free replacement.
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Place books on ship hold to align with your schedule, especially during summer break.
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Why Librarians Choose JLG
95% of JLG Gold Standards Selections go on to earn awards, starred reviews, and industry accolades.
12 million hours each year – that’s how much time JLG saves members by reviewing thousands of books and choosing the best of the best for our collection and yours.
JLG member schools are more likely to see a 39-40% increase in reading scores than non-member schools.*
*Source: MDR eCPR analysis, winter 2015