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Processing and Cataloging Services

Shelf-ready processing

Out of the box and on to the shelves. We offer fully attached shelf-ready processing for just $2.00/book. This option will provide you with a custom spine label and barcode label attached to the dust jacket which is covered by a Mylar jacket. Custom MARC records are provided for each book. Please note that books without dust jackets will have label protectors placed over the spine and barcode labels—Mylar jackets are not available on these titles.

Mylar Jackets

The Mylar jackets are attached (taped) to the books. They cannot be sent untaped.

Placeholder MARC records (FREE)

These are basic (skeleton) records provided at the beginning of each span for our members. Download a custom list of placeholder records into your system to help ensure that you do not duplicate the titles coming to you from JLG.

Standard MARC records (FREE)

We offer standard MARC records for download on our Web site at no charge to our customers. The records cannot be customized in any way—no local holdings, barcodes, custom Dewey classifications. Each record contains all three subject headings (LC, LC Childrens, and Sears). 

Custom MARC records

Our custom MARC records are made to your specifications–local holdings, Dewey classifications, or subject headings of your choice. The records are provided via e-mail attachment and online download. Hard copy (CD) is available upon request. One (1) custom spine label will be provided to match the MARC record.

Barcode labels

Barcode labels (2 per title) are available at an additional charge to the MARC records. In order to receive barcode labels, you must purchase the custom MARC records. The labels will be provided to you loose and will be in your monthly shipment.
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