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Junior Library Guild is the subscription box solution for the modern librarian:

A completely customizable collection-development service based 100% on your preferences, your readers’ interests, and your library’s budget. Unlike other book services, JLG titles are curated by our renowned editorial team who reads and reviews thousands of manuscript submissions each year (prior to publication) to choose the best, award-worthy books for our members. With nearly 95% of our selections going on to win awards, honors, starred reviews, and industry accolades, you can trust JLG to bring top-quality books to your library that will engage and appeal to your readers.
Our editorial dream team is your editorial dream team.
There you are, in your library, drowning in a zillion demands and duties while your shelves sit aching for new books. We get it! Book selection is often the highlight of a librarian’s day—but when that day is fractured into a million competing priorities, it’s sometimes hard to find dedicated time for reading, researching, and reviewing the best new books. That’s challenging to do on your budget. And, it’s even more challenging if you’re a non-librarian tasked with collection development.
A Curation of an Exclusive Selection of Books
Unlike other services, JLG is not beholden to a single publisher or promoter. JLG Gold Standard Selections are picked based on merit—so you can trust that books in your subscription will represent the very best new titles available.
A Sixth Sense for Choosing Award-Worthy Books
Editors review manuscript submissions before books are published; before they are reviewed; before there are any best-of nominations. That means your subscription—and your shelves—will bring buzz-worthy books to your readers every month.
Access to the Newest Titles and Trends
This is an exciting time in PreK-12 literature, with so many outstanding new voices, new styles and new subject matter entering the market. When you partner with JLG, your readers will have access to unexpected reads and sleeper hits they might not find in the average collection.
Editors You Can Trust for Your Specific Needs
Our goal is to make your job easier, broaden your collection, and supplement your selections. Our editors specialize in reading for specific genres, ages, and reading readiness, so you can be confident in trusting them to take those tasks off your plate.
Members Receive Titles Near Release Date
Because we choose JLG Gold Standard Selections before the books are published, we have the inside track to deliver a much-anticipated title as soon as it’s released. As a member, you can rest assured it’ll be in your subscription book box and ready to circulate.