All about the Heart

Series All About By Remi Kowalski
Illustrators Illustrated by Tonia Composto Edition

Hardcover edition

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All about the Heart

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The first book in a nonfiction series Berbay is launching, authored my pediatric medical experts in their fields. Presented in a kid-friendly, exciting way, these illustrated books – which can be read cover to cover – are designed to help kids better understand the way their bodies work and appreciate how incredible they are.

Does your heart really stop when you sneeze? Can it break? How does our heart compare to the heart of other creatures? Curious kids will find the answers to these questions and more in All About the Heart by leading pediatric cardiologist Dr Remi Kowalski.
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Instructional Nonfiction Science Grades K-2

Instructional Nonfiction Science Grades K-2

Instructional Nonfiction Science Grades K-2

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