Arthur, Who Wrote Sherlock

By Linda Bailey
Illustrators Illustrated by Isabelle Follath Edition

Hardcover edition

Publisher Penguin Random House Canada Imprint Tundra Books ISBN


Arthur, Who Wrote Sherlock

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The adventures of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his most famous creation, Sherlock Holmes, come to life in this inspiring picture book biography.

What if you wrote a story about a detective, and he became the most famous detective ever? Wouldn't that be wonderful? Or . . . would it? Arthur has always loved stories. Even while growing up poor, enduring hardship at school, and living a life of danger on the high seas, stories are an inspiration and a joy for Arthur throughout his life. And after years of struggle as a writer, he finally finds success, fame and wealth with a series of mysteries starring a genius detective, Sherlock Holmes! But when Sherlock's popularity becomes too much for Arthur to bear, will he really throw his greatest creation . . . off a cliff?!

From the author of Mary Who Wrote Frankenstein comes a riveting and humorous picture book about the incredible life of Arthur Conan Doyle: doctor, adventurer, tireless campaigner for justice . . . and (begrudging) creator of the world's greatest detective!

Author’s note, with photograph of Arthur Conan Doyle. Sources. Full-color illustrations were drawn with watercolor, pencil, and “a pinch of Photoshop.”
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