Get ready for Summer Reading with JLG!

School’s out and your young readers are likely very excited for the long break ahead. While summer is a great time to rest and recharge, it is also very important to keep them reading and learning during this time. Summer reading is an important facet of your young readers' education.  

What is learning loss?  

When kids go home for summer break, they experience a phenomenon called learning loss. According to The Glossary of Education Reform, learning loss is defined as, “any specific or general loss of knowledge and skills or to reversals in academic progress, most commonly due to extended gaps or discontinuities in a student’s education.” 

Learning loss can not only undo a lot of the hard work that they put in the previous school year, but it can also set them up for failure as they begin their next grade level. 

One recent study from Brown University titled “School's Out: The Role of Summers in Understanding Achievement Disparities” showed that students lose on average 17-34% of the knowledge that they gained the previous year.  

How can summer reading programs help with learning loss? 

Summer reading is a great way to not only maintain but improve students reading skills and to help mitigate the effects of learning loss that we see during and after summer vacation. When students are actively using their reading skills, they are less likely to lose the progress they made the previous year. 

There are other benefits to summer reading, as well. According to the American Library Association, summer reading programs encourage reading habits, draw in reluctant readers, and generate general interest in libraries and books. Summer reading is a great way to solidify a lifelong love of reading.  

How can you encourage summer reading with your students? 

The theme for this year's Collaborative Summer Library Program is “Oceans of Possibilities” which focuses on all the resources provided by local libraries. Watch this PSA for more information on the program and check out their website. This is a great time to show your readers the variety of programs your library offers and to establish your library as a place that they are excited to visit.  

You can also create your own summer reading program at your library or school. You can set up a simple points system to reward students for their summer reading accomplishments. Get creative! If you’re not sure where to start, check out this kids activities blog for some great ideas. Anything you can do to get them excited about books and reading will go a long way.  

How can JLG help with my summer reading program?  

Here at JLG, we're here to help not just in summer, but all year long. A great way to attract young readers, especially in the summer, is by having current, engaging titles available for them in your collection. When you become a JLG member, we will work together to help you find the perfect categories, filled with content that your students will love. Once your categories are selected and your membership is set up, you will receive shipments with brand-new award-winning titles every single month. This will keep your collection fresh and up-to-date and will help engage your young readers.  

We are very passionate about fostering a love of literacy and connecting your readers to the best new books. Let’s talk about what else a JLG membership can do for you: