JLG Recognizes Librarians and Teachers Throughout April

The great Albert Einstein once said, “The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library.” Here at JLG, we have worked to bring the best new books to librarians for nearly 100 years. We passionately support librarians and teachers because we know how influential they are to the lives of young readers. During the month of April, we will be celebrating library-related holidays all month long.  

What library-related holidays take place in April?  

April is filled with library related holidays. This includes:  

School Library Month (all of April) 

National Poetry Month (all of April) 

Reading is Funny Day (April 1) 

Poetry and Creative Mind Day (April 1) 

National Library Week (April 3-9) 

National School Library Day (April 4) 

National Library Workers Day (April 5)  

Drop Everything and Read Day (April 12) 

Teen Literature Day (April 14) 

Take Action for Libraries Day (April 23) 

Independent Bookstore Day (April 30) 

What is National Librarian Day? 

National Librarian Day is observed on April 16th every year. This is a day designated to recognizing librarians in both schools and public libraries for all that they do. This is a great time to thank your local librarian.  

There are many other holidays that we will be celebrating in April as well. These include School Library Month (all of April), National Library Week (April 3-9), National School Librarian Day (April 4), National LIbrary Workers Day (April 5), Drop Everything and Read Day (April 12), Teen Literature Day (April 14), and Independent Bookstore Day (April 30).  

April is an overall great time to recognize the contributions of literary professionals and educators.  

What does April look like for JLG? 

We are in the business of supporting librarians and educators.  We want to make sure that our members know just how important they are to us.  

For the month of April, anyone that starts a JLG membership or existing customers that add a new category will be entered into a drawing for two grand prizes. One grand prize winner will receive an iPad, and one will receive a book cart. The winners will be chosen at the end of April. 

Additionally, all members who fit the above criteria will receive a JLG decorative print featuring a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt. Each print comes with a special card with an additional mini gift.  

How can you celebrate National Library Day? 

The month of April is a great time to take a trip to your local library and to thank a librarian or teacher in your life. Don’t have a library card? There is no better time than now to go get one! The theme of National Library Week for 2022 is “Connect with your library.” Follow and engage with your local library on social media to show your support.  

How does JLG support librarians? 

Here at JLG, we pride ourselves on supporting teachers and librarians not just in April, but all year long! We do this by curating collections of the very best books in children's literature. With a JLG membership, you receive a monthly shipment of brand-new titles right to your door. Our editorial team reads countless book to pick the very best ones for your collection so that you don’t have to. We save librarians and teachers time and money through our membership services.  

In short, we make it easy and affordable for our members to stock their shelves with the best books in children’s literature. Learn more about what we do here.