Why do Most Schools Have Libraries?

Happy National Library Week! 

We are celebrating this special awareness week by honoring all the people who make libraries possible—our librarians, media specialists, archivists, collection gurus, funding advocates, and most importantly, readers! Libraries are crucial for communities, and school libraries are especially important for young learners; according to the American Library Association, there are over 105,000 school libraries in the United States. School libraries enrich the lives of students, so it’s very important that we continue to advocate for their services! If you’re wondering, “How do school libraries benefit student development?, then this blog is for you! 

Higher test scores 

Did you know that schools with well-kept student libraries and qualified staff members have higher test scores overall? School libraries serve as a hub of educational resources for students that span beyond the topics covered in the classroom. It is a great space for children to use books and technology to dive deeper into independent studies as well as curriculum-based research. These benefits are consistently evident in the test scores of schools with an active library. 

Access to technology 

Modern libraries offer more to students than just books, they also provide students with accessible technology. For some students, the school library may be the only place where they have access to a computer, which can be crucial for homework and research. With technology being such an integral part of continuing education and the modern workforce, access to various technologies and the development of digital literacy skills are incredibly beneficial to students! 

Safe space 

School libraries are safe and peaceful spaces for everyone, especially those who struggle to perform well in a traditional classroom setting. A library is a calming environment that does not belong to any specific teacher or grade level; students can use this space to learn in unique ways and at their own pace while having access to countless educational resources. Students of all ages, nationalities, ethnicities, gender identities and reading levels will benefit from the presence of a school library because it will allow them to think, grow, and learn in a safe environment.  

Expertise of librarians  

Having a librarian in your school is beneficial for both students and staff. According to an article by Kappan, schools that encourage librarians to take an active role in their district have overall higher test scores and literacy rates than schools that do not have their librarian integrated with the rest of their district. Librarians play an active role in schools by... 

    • -Instructing students in various subjects and grades 
    • -Planning lessons collaboratively with other staff members 
    • -Serving on leadership committees throughout the school 
    • -Providing technology support to educators and students  

A librarian is not only a wealth of knowledge, but a great resource to enrich your school in a variety of ways.  

Learning beyond the classroom 

At the end of the day, schools are preparing students not just for their next big exam or project, but to succeed in life. Libraries are a great place to explore interests and passions that students may want to pursue long after their time in school. School libraries hold resources for students to learn more about career fields of interest and a dedicated place to work on college essays and applications.  

New content  

School libraries are the perfect place for students to check out new books and see what titles are popular. Students can browse your carefully curated collection and ask questions about the literature in your library—and that’s where we come in! 

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