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      For Unicorn Lovers Only: History, Mythology, Facts, and More

      by Penelope Gwynne

      Dec 2020

      High-Interest Nonfiction Middle Plus

      Out of stock
      Readers of all ages can learn all about the magnificent unicorns of the past and the charismatic creatures of today with this beautifully illustrated treasure trove of unicorn lore and history.

      Unicorns have changed a lot through the ages, but some things have stayed the same: They’re still magical and mysterious, elusive and entertaining. And they’re still the most fascinating mythical beasts in the world.

      In For Unicorn Lovers Only by Penelope Gwynne, readers of all ages can learn all about the magnificent unicorns of the past and the charismatic creatures of today. Vibrantly illustrated by Katie O'Neill, this book will also tell fans everything they need to know about unicorns today—where they live, what they eat, and, how to capture and care for their own.

      Find new ways to express your unicornimania through crafts, clothes, and activities, and experience unicorn magic through retellings of legends and history with this unique combination of fact and fiction.

      50 Animals That Have Been to Space

      by Jennifer Read

      Nov 2020

      High-Interest Nonfiction Middle Plus

      Out of stock
      Since the early days of flight, animals have helped researchers learn how to survive in the sky, and their role continues as humanity voyages into outer space. In 1783, a rooster, a duck and a sheep were placed in a basket attached to the first hot-air balloon. In the age of rockets and space travel, many more animals have travelled into orbit, and most have returned safely to earth.

      This book tells the stories of 50 trips into space, with details about the animals and the scientists involved. The experiments, often designed by students, originate from many countries. The book offers an appealing introduction to the purposes of space exploration and the possibilities of safe space travel. It encourages young readers to engage in real science like the young people they will read about in this book.

      Bionic Beasts: Saving Animal Lives with Artificial Flippers, Legs, and Beaks

      by Jolene Gutierrez

      Oct 2020

      High-Interest Nonfiction Middle Plus

      Out of stock
      What happens to a goose with no beak? Is it possible for a heavy animal like an elephant or a pig to walk on only three legs? Can a turtle with one flipper survive in the ocean?

      Readers are introduced to the stories of five different animals from around the globe that are thriving thanks to prosthetic body parts. Each of these animals was at risk of dying due to their circumstances, but humans intervened, and using a variety of techniques and technologies, they were able to create prosthetics that enabled these animals to survive. Discover the amazing true stories of animals that have survived thanks to their prosthetic body parts.

      Black Heroes of the Wild West: Featuring Stagecoach Mary, Bass Reeves, and Bob Lemmons

      by James Otis Smith

      Oct 2020

      High-Interest Nonfiction Middle Plus

      Out of stock
      Revisiting American history and finding diversity at its roots: here are three extraordinary yet true tales of ordinary African Americans who helped shape the future of the nation in the years following the American Civil War. Born into slavery in Tennessee, Mary Fields cared for children and washed laundry after Emancipation before becoming famous all through the Montana Territory as “Stagecoach Mary,” a cigar-chomping, card-playing coach driver who never missed a delivery. A legend in his own time, Bass Reeves was the first black Deputy U.S. Marshal west of the Mississippi River. He became known as one of the wiliest lawmen in the territories, bringing thousands of outlaws to justice with his smarts. They say that Bob Lemmons was so good with horses that the wild stallions on the plains of Texas confused him for one of their own. Born a slave, Bob Lemmons lived to be 99 years old, witnessing a century of American history, from the Civil War through the cattle drives of the Old West to the arrival of the steam trains.

      This comic by James Otis Smith celebrates the incredible but little-known lives of three black heroes who took control of their destinies and stood up for their communities: true stories from the Wild West, but not like you’ve seen in the movies.

      How to Build a Story . . . Or, the Big What If

      by Frances O'Roark Dowell

      Sep 2020

      High-Interest Nonfiction Middle Plus

      If you’ve written anything, ever, you’re already a writer—so, congratulations! As many aspiring authors know, though, telling an actual, complete story is, well, a different story.

      As unfinished drafts pile up and writers’ block strikes, it may start to feel like there’s a special formula to finishing a project that you’re just not getting. But crafting a story isn’t magic, if you have a little know-how! And here it is—know-how! In her witty, clever way, critically acclaimed author Frances O’Roark Dowell explains the storytelling process with simple, easy-to-understand steps. Follow along as she shares sample stories and identifies building blocks and obstacles to conquer—all hilariously illustrated, in a way that’ll have you typing all the way to the end of your own story.

      Dung for Dinner: A Stomach-Churning Look at the Animal Poop, Pee, Vomit, and Secretions that People Have Eaten (and Often Still Do!)

      by Christine Virnig

      Sep 2020

      High-Interest Nonfiction Middle Plus

      A middle-grade nonfiction debut tackling stomach-churning information about the animal poop, pee, vomit, and secretions that humans have eaten—and often still do! From Roman charioteers scarfing down goat dung to astronauts guzzling their own pee to kids today spreading insect vomit on toast, this compendium of hideously amusing science and history is full of fun and funny facts. A scientific history, it explores some of the grossest things we humans put into our mouths—often without even realizing it. Bug secretions coating your candy corn. Rodent poop in your popcorn. Insect vomit on your PB&J. It's deliciously disgusting!

      The Mayflower: History Smashers

      by Kate Messner

      Aug 2020

      High-Interest Nonfiction Middle Plus

      Out of stock
      In 1620, the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock and made friends with Wampanoag people who gave them corn. RIGHT?

      WRONG! It was months before the Pilgrims met any Wampanoag people, and nobody gave anybody corn that day.

      Did you know that the pilgrims didn’t go straight from England to Plymouth? No, they made a stop along the way—and almost stayed forever! Did you know there was a second ship, called the Speedwell, that was too leaky to make the trip? No joke. And just wait until you learn the truth about Plymouth Rock.

      Through illustrations, graphic panels, photographs, sidebars, and more, acclaimed author Kate Messner smashes history by exploring the little-known details behind the legends of the Mayflower and the first Thanksgiving.

      Normal: One Kid’s Extraordinary Journey (Young Readers’ Edition)

      by Magdalena Newman

      Jul 2020

      High-Interest Nonfiction Middle Plus

      Normal. Who is to say what this word means? For Magda Newman, it was a goal. She wanted her son Nathaniel to be able to play on the playground, swim at the beach, enjoy the moments his friends took for granted. But Nathaniel’s severe Treacher Collins syndrome—a craniofacial condition—meant that other concerns came first. Could he eat without the aid of a gastrointestinal tube? Could he hear? Would he ever be able to breathe effortlessly? But Nathaniel looks at “normal” from a completely different perspective.

      In this uplifting and humorous memoir that includes black-and-white comic illustrations, mother and son tell the story of his growing up—from facing sixty-seven surgeries before the age of fifteen, to making friends, moving across the country, and persevering through hardships. How they tackle extraordinary circumstances with love and resilience is a true testament to Magda and Nathaniel’s family, and to families everywhere who quietly but courageously persist.

      Trending: How and Why Stuff Gets Popular

      by Kira Vermod

      Jun 2020

      High-Interest Nonfiction Middle Plus

      Fads and trends: How do they start? Why do they spread? And how deep can their impact be? Although trends might seem trivial, if you dig deeper, you’ll find that our desire to chase the next big thing can have an even bigger impact than expected.

      Established middle-grade author Kira Vermond and cartoonist Clayton Hanmer team up in this fun and accessible nonfiction look at fads. In four short chapters, the book explores what a fad is, how the latest crazes catch on, and what makes us jump on the bandwagon. Finally, it looks at the fascinating and even frightening effects of fads both modern and historic. Who knew the beaver pelt craze in 17th century Europe would change ecosystems, start wars, and disrupt life as people knew it?

      Extreme Ocean: Amazing Animals, High-Tech Gear, Record-Breaking Depths, and More

      by Sylvia Earle

      May 2020

      High-Interest Nonfiction Middle Plus

      Dive into a world of aquatic mystery in this action-packed combination of science and adventure. Famed National Geographic Explorer Sylvia Earle leads readers on an in-depth tour of life beneath the waves. Come face-to-face with whales and sharks, learn about the newest and most hi-tech ocean gear and gadgets, experiment with hands-on activities, and join Earle as she recounts her most daring dives. Packed with fascinating tidbits, animal profiles, and up-to-date science, each chapter combines stunning photography with fun, accessible text. Perfect for curious kids, ocean lovers, young explorers, and the classroom.

      Extreme Ocean reveals the mystery, majesty, danger, and—above all—the importance of our ocean.

      Grow a Garden!: Maker Comics

      by Alexis Frederick-Frost

      Apr 2020

      High-Interest Nonfiction Middle Plus

      Violet, Will, and Basil must be the unluckiest students at the Garden Gnome Academy. They've been stuck with Mr. Butternut, the school's most unpopular (and unusual) teacher. They have to learn about soil and compost while their classmates get to study exotic plants and butterflies. Although things get a little messy (and stinky) in his class, Mr. Butternut knows the secret to growing a great garden. Read along to get all the dirt on your favorite vegetables, from seed to harvest!

      Follow the easy step-by-step instructions in this book and learn to make:
      •A compost bin
      •A seed pot
      •Potting mix
      •A growlight shelf
      •A cold frame
      •A container garden 

      Catching a Russian Spy: Agent Les Wiser Jr. and the Case of Aldrich Ames: FBI Files

      by Bryan Denson

      Mar 2020

      High-Interest Nonfiction Middle Plus

      Out of stock
      Aldrich H. "Rick" Ames was a thirty-one-year veteran of the CIA. He was also a Russian spy. By the time Ames was arrested in 1994, he had betrayed the identities of dozens and caused the deaths of ten agents. The notorious KGB (and later the Russian intelligence service, SVR) paid him millions of dollars.

      Agent Leslie G. “Les” Wiser Jr. ran the FBI's Nightmover investigation tasked with uncovering a mole in the CIA. The team worked night and day to collect evidence—sneaking into Ames's home, hiding a homing beacon in his Jaguar, and installing a video camera above his desk. But the spy kept one step ahead, even after agents followed him to Bogota, Colombia. In a crazy twist, the FBI would score its biggest clue from inside Ames's garbage can.

      Key characters. Epilogue with photographs. Author’s note. “The Wall of Honor.” Time line of Aldrich Ames’s life. Map. Glossary. Sources. Index.
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