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      Bones in the White House: Thomas Jefferson's Mammoth

      by Candice Ransom

      Apr 2020

      Nonfiction Elementary Plus

      Thomas Jefferson: Third president of the United States. Author of the Declaration of Independence. Obsessive prehistoric mammal hunter?? It’s true! In this little-known slice of American history, see Thomas Jefferson as never before!

      In the late 1700s, America was a new nation, with a vast west that held age-old secrets: Bones! Massive tusks and enormous animal skeletons were being discovered and Thomas Jefferson—politician AND scientist—was captivated. What were these giant beasts? Did they still roam on American soil? Jefferson needed to find out. Funding explorers, including the famed Lewis and Clark, Jefferson sought to find a complete prehistoric mastodon skeleton—one which would advance the young science of paleontology, but would also put this upstart young country on the world stage. Follow along on the incredible journey—full of triumphs and disappointments, discoveries and shipwrecks, ridicule and victory.

      Noisemakers: 25 Women Who Raised Their Voices & Changed the World

      by Kazoo Magazine

      Mar 2020

      Nonfiction Elementary Plus

      Did anyone ever get anywhere by being quiet? To change anything, you have to make some noise!

      From the creators of the award-winning Kazoo magazine comes a look at the lives of 25 extraordinary women through the eyes of 25 extraordinary comic artists. In chapters titled Grow, Tinker, Play, Create, Rally, and Explore, you’ll meet Eugenie Clark, who swam with sharks, Raye Montague, who revolutionized the design process for ships, Hedy Lamarr, a beautiful actress and brilliant inventor, Julia Child, a chef who wasn’t afraid to make mistakes, Kate Warne, the first female detective, who saved the life of President-Elect Abraham Lincoln, and many more.

      Introduction. Illustrator bios. Photographs of the women included in the book. Full-color illustrations.

      Lizzie Demands a Seat!: Elizabeth Jennings Fights for Streetcar Rights

      by Beth Anderson

      Feb 2020

      Nonfiction Elementary Plus

      One hundred years before Rosa Parks took her stand, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Jennings tried to board a streetcar in New York City on her way to church. Though there were plenty of empty seats, she was denied entry, assaulted, and threatened all because of her race—even though New York was a free state at that time. Lizzie decided to fight back. She told her story, took her case to court—where future president Chester Arthur represented her—and won! Her victory was the first recorded in the fight for equal rights on public transportation, and Lizzie's case set a precedent. Author Beth Anderson and acclaimed illustrator E. B. Lewis bring this inspiring, little-known story to life in this captivating nonfiction book.

      Author’s note. Research note. Bibliography. Illustrator’s note. Full-color watercolor illustrations. Black-and-white historical photographs.

      Skyscrapers: The Heights of Engineering: Science Comics

      by John Kerschbaum

      Jan 2020

      Nonfiction Elementary Plus

      Every volume of Science Comics offers a complete introduction to a particular topic— dinosaurs, the solar system, volcanoes, bats, robots, and more. These gorgeously illustrated graphic novels offer wildly entertaining views of their subjects. Whether you're a fourth grader doing a natural science unit at school or a thirty-year-old with a secret passion for airplanes, these books are for you!

      In this volume, join a pair of superheroes as they uncover the secrets of skyscrapers, from the great Egyptians pyramids to the world’s tallest building. Read along and learn how skyscrapers are a bold combination of applied physics, ingenuity, and a lot of hard work!

      Introduction. Glossary. Full-color illustrations were drawn in pencil, inked with pens, then scanned and colored in Photoshop.

      Nic Bishop Big Cats

      by Nic Bishop

      Dec 2019

      Nonfiction Elementary Plus

      With grace, guile, and unstoppable power, big cats are admired for their speed and strength. Although they are related to house cats, these magnificent creatures are nothing like our pets! With breathtaking full-page images, Sibert Medal-winning photographer Nic Bishop introduces readers to a variety of beautiful and stealthy big cats. The simple, engaging text presents both basic information and captivating details about the appearance, habits, and remarkable abilities of these amazing felines.

      Author’s note. Glossary. Suggestions for further reading. Index. Full-color photographs.

      The Book Rescuer: How a Mensch from Massachusetts Saved Yiddish Literature for Generations to Come

      by Sue Macy

      Nov 2019

      Nonfiction Elementary Plus

      Over the last forty years, Aaron Lansky has jumped into dumpsters, rummaged around musty basements, and crawled through cramped attics. He did all of this in pursuit of a particular kind of treasure, and he’s found plenty. Lansky’s treasure was any book written Yiddish, the language of generations of European Jews. When he started looking for Yiddish books, experts estimated there might be about 70,000 still in existence. Since then, the MacArthur Genius Grant recipient has collected close to 1.5 million books, and he’s finding more every day.

      Told in a folkloric voice reminiscent of Patricia Polacco, this story celebrates the power of an individual to preserve history and culture, while exploring timely themes of identity and immigration.

      Author’s note. Illustrator’s note. Yiddish glossary. Suggestions for further information. Source notes. Full-color illustrations rendered in acrylic and gouache, with fabric textures added digitally.

      Dinosaurs: By the Numbers

      by Steve Jenkins

      Oct 2019

      Nonfiction Elementary Plus

      Through infographics, illustrations, facts, and figures, readers will learn about the giants that roamed the earth millions of years ago, but that still captivate their imaginations: Dinosaurs.
      Discover some of the most fascinating aspects of dinosaurs through astonishing numbers: the varying sizes and shapes of dinosaurs, timelines of when they roamed the earth, charts comparing the fastest dinos with the speedy animals of today, maps of where these giant reptiles lived across the globe, and so much more.
      With his signature style, Steve Jenkins explores the most fascinating fields of natural science.

      Vertebrate family tree. Dinosaur facts. Glossary. Bibliography. Full-color cut- and torn-paper collage illustrations.

      Look Again: Secrets of Animal Camouflage

      by Steve Jenkins

      Oct 2019

      Nonfiction Elementary Plus

      Why do some animals blend in to their surroundings? Why do certain creatures have fur, feathers, and features designed to look like the plants and rocks they live near?
      In Look Again!, the most well-disguised animals on the planet are gathered together to showcase the range of ways animals try to avoid each other's attention, and why. This eye-catching book invites readers to seek out the astonishingly camouflaged animals hiding in plain sight—then reveals them on the next page!
      From lying in wait to avoiding predators, protecting themselves or sneaking up on a foe, each animal in Look Again! has a remarkable skill for evading detection.

      Further information about animals featured in book. Book and Internet suggestions for more information. Full-color cut- and torn-paper collage illustrations with digital backgrounds.

      Titan and the Wild Boars: The True Cave Rescue of the Thai Soccer Team

      by Susan Hood

      Sep 2019

      Nonfiction Elementary Plus

      One afternoon after soccer practice, young Titan, eleven friends from the Wild Boar team, and their twenty-five-year-old coach rode their bikes to explore a local cave as a team-building adventure. Together, they crawled through the narrow tunnels in the dark toward the center of the cave. When they turned to go home, they discovered heavy rains had flooded the tunnel. They were trapped! With rising waters and monsoon season upon them, time and oxygen were running out. The world watched with bated breath as rescuers from around the globe teamed up to try and free the boys. After eighteen harrowing days, they were finally saved.
      This picture book marries Susan Hood’s lyrical text with Pathana Sornhiran’s first-hand account reporting of the event and is brought to life by Dow Phumiruk’s beautiful illustrations. It will also include an introduction, a timeline, and extensive back matter with additional resources.

      Endpaper map. Quote attributions. More about the cave rescue and the Wild Boars soccer team, with photographs. Time line. Interview with British divers Chris Jewell and Jason Mallinson. Sources. Online resources. Full-color digital illustrations were created with pencil, charcoal, and ink sketches and Photoshop.

      Samuel Morse, That's Who!: The Story of the Telegraph and Morse Code

      by Tracy Nelson Maurer

      Sep 2019

      Nonfiction Elementary Plus

      Back in the 1800s, information traveled slowly. Who would dream of instant messages? Samuel Morse, that’s who! Who traveled to France, where the famous telegraph towers relayed 10,000 possible codes for messages depending on the signal arm positions—only if the weather was clear? Who imagined a system that would use electric pulses to instantly carry coded messages between two machines, rain or shine? Long before the first telephone, who changed communication forever? Samuel Morse, that’s who!
      This dynamic and subtsantive biography celebrates an early technology pioneer. Perfect for fans of Gene Barretta's popular inventor series.
      ,br> Time line with photographs. Further information about Samuel Morse, telegraphs, and Morse code. Bibliography. Author’s note. Full-color illustrations were created with pencil and charcoal and colored digitally.

      Liberty Arrives: How America’s Grandest Statue Found Her Home

      by Robert Byrd

      Aug 2019

      Nonfiction Elementary Plus

      America’s most iconic national symbol was a gift from France to the United States—provided America raised the money for the pedestal on which it was to stand. Urged on by the publisher Joseph Pulitzer, it was raised, largely with the help of children, in the first example of a crowd sourced fundraising campaign. This book tells the story of the best gift ever: how it was designed, created, transported, and then finally erected on its pedestal in the entrance to New York Harbor. Readable text is enhanced with illustrations chock full of historical detail in Bob Byrd’s light-hearted, witty style.

      Statue of Liberty measurements. Time line. Further information about the statue and the historical figures mentioned in the book, with photographs. Author’s note. Bibliography. Full-color illustrations were created using ink-line, watercolor, and colored inks.

      Crossing on Time: Steam Engines, Fast Ships, and a Journey to the New World

      by David Macaulay

      Jul 2019

      Nonfiction Elementary Plus

      Prior to the 1800s, ships crossing the Atlantic Ocean relied on the wind in their sails to make their journeys. But the invention of steam power ushered in a new era of transportation that would change ocean travel forever: the steamship. This book artfully explores the design and construction of the most advanced—and last—of these steamships, the SS United States, and the life of its designer and engineer, William Francis Gibbs.

      Gatefolds. Afterword with photographs. Time line. Selected reading. Full-color illustrations.
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