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      Addy’s Big Splash: The Club

      by Elizabeth Gordon

      Sep 2020

      Hi-Lo PG Middle/High

      Addy has never been good at sports. She's so clumsy, she's earned the name Hurricane Addy, but this year, all of that is going to change. Addy wants to join the swim team at the Club. She's surprised to learn how much exercise and training it takes to become a strong swimmer. Does Addy have what it takes to be the athlete she always dreamed of becoming?

      A Perfect Blank

      by Rye Duran

      Jun 2020

      Hi-Lo PG Middle/High

      Project Apogee had one mission: to create biologically engineered perfect teenagers. The teenagers were supposed to be expressions of a perfect genetic mapping of traits, an example of the New Human. But when the teens go before the project committee, they are found to be utterly normal and unremarkable, a disappointment. Then there's Alex, the lost teen who failed years ago, who might just be the most remarkable of them all.

      On the Rocks

      by Eric Walters

      May 2020

      Hi-Lo PG Middle/High

      Fourteen-year-old Dylan is sent to live with his estranged grandfather, Angus. Basically strangers, the two avoid each other as best they can. One day Dylan discovers a young orca stranded high up on the rocky beach. Dylan runs to tell his grandfather. There’s nothing that can be done, says Angus. The sun is coming up, and soon the orca will die of exposure. But Dylan knows he has to try to save the whale. He collects towels to cover the delicate skin of the orca and begins transporting buckets of water from the ocean below to keep it hydrated. It’s grueling work, and it will be hours before the tide comes back in and the water is high enough for the orca to swim free. Angus is moved by his grandson’s determination and helps as best he can. They both desperately hope that soon the orca will be able to join its family, who have been calling out to it just offshore.

      On the Rocks is an inspiring story about the ups and downs of family.

      What’s the Matter with Jayden Jackson?: We the Weirdos

      by Charley Pickle

      Apr 2020

      Hi-Lo PG Middle/High

      Jayden Jackson is always in trouble. He has a quick temper and gets detention on the regular. When Jayden meets rule-following Eli, they find common ground in the music they love. But Jayden can't tell Eli the truth behind his anger: that his dad is in jail. Jayden has fun hanging out with Eli, but can he really let another person in and show them who he really is?

      Iggy's World

      by Gail Anderson-Dargatz

      Feb 2020

      Hi-Lo PG Middle/High

      Fourteen-year-old Iggy comes from a famous family. Well, sort of. His dad directs a cheesy sci-fi web series, his mom writes for it, and his sister has a successful YouTube channel. Iggy does't have the acting bug, so he feels like an outsider. Wanting to prove himself, Iggy starts his own podcast about what interests him: insects. But it's not until Iggy embarrasses his famous sister on air that his podcast really takes off. He's thrilled with his own success, until she fires back. Now it's all-out war.

      Iggy's World is an exploration of the age-old problem artists face: when we find inspiration from our real lives, what will our friends and family think? And, of course, just how much of our private lives do we really want to reveal online?

      Javi Takes a Bow: The Club

      by Elizabeth Gordon

      Dec 2019

      Hi-Lo PG Middle/High

      Javi is painfully shy. English is his second language, and he struggles with his speech. Rather than communicating in broken English, Javi prefers not to speak at all. That is, until the Club holds auditions for Javi's favorite musical. Can Javi overcome his fear of speaking in front of people to audition for the part?

      Black-and-white illustrations.

      The Team Curse: League of the Paranormal

      by Israel Keats

      Nov 2019

      Hi-Lo PG Middle/High

      For as long as Isaac could remember, the Middleton High baseball team hasn't won a single game. So when he tries out as a sophomore and makes the team, he's excited but not surprised. After the first pathetic losses of the season, Isaac starts to get frustrated. Why aren't any of his teammates even trying to win? When he confronts them and threatens to quit, they let him in on the secret: the team has been trapped in a curse for generations. Isaac decides to do whatever it takes to put an end to the curse.

      The Right Note: Reality Show #3

      by D.A. Graham

      Jul 2019

      Hi-Lo PG Middle/High

      Eve and Ryan have been a music duo ever since they were little. Eve's voice contrasts with Ryan's creative and edgy musical style, making them a perfect pairing. They decide to audition for The Right Note, a reality music competition, hoping to get their big break. But when the show starts and they are forced to compete against each other, their relationship is tested and they begin to question their musical skills. Will either of them be strong enough musicians to compete on their own? And will they still be a duo at the end of the show?

      Minor Incidents and Absolute Uncertainties : Frazzled #3

      by Booki Vivat

      Jun 2019

      Hi-Lo PG Middle/High

      Pointdexter Middle School is gearing up for an outdoor adventure. Abbie and her classmates will spend one week camping in the woods, learning stuff about nature, and making new friends. While Abbie’s usual friends seem to adjust fine to their assigned groups, she doesn’t quite fit in—with anyone! If that isn’t bad enough, her camp counselors are totally weird and she can’t figure out what is up with the Golden Pig. Abbie feels all alone at camp. Will she learn how to fit in yet stay true to herself? Or will she finally reach her breaking point?

      Black-and-white illustrations.

      Milo on Wheels: The Club

      by Elizabeth Gordon

      Apr 2019

      Hi-Lo PG Middle/High

      Milo has been bullied for needing crutches to walk, so he plans to keep his distance at the after-school program his mother makes him join. Then he realizes that in The Club’s annual go-kart rally he could, for once, be the fastest kid around.

      Survivor Diaries: Dust Storm

      by Terry Lynn Johnson

      Mar 2019

      Hi-Lo PG Middle/High

      While Jen and Martin are out geocaching, a massive dust storm catches them off guard. Now they must find a way to cross the New Mexico desert to safety.

      Author’s note. “Survival Tips from the New Mexico Search and Rescue Council.” Black-and-white illustrations.

      I Survived the Attack of the Grizzlies, 1967

      by Lauren Tarshis

      Jul 2019

      Hi-Lo PG Middle/High

      No grizzly has ever killed a human in Glacier before . . . until tonight. Eleven-year-old Melody Vega and her family come to Glacier National Park every year, and it's always been a place where she can forget her troubles. But this year is different. With Mom gone, every moment in the park is a heartbreaking reminder of the past.
      Then Mel comes face-to-face with the mighty grizzly. Now her only thought is one of survival. Mel will soon be a part of one of the most tragic seasons in the history of America's national parks - a summer of terror that will forever change ideas about how grizzlies and humans can exist together in the wild.
      Author’s note. More about grizzly bears, Glacier National Park, and conservation. Resources. Selected bibliography. Black-and-white photographs and illustrations.
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