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      I Survived the California Wildfires, 2018

      by Lauren Tarshis

      Dec 2020

      Hi-Lo PG Middle/High

      The people of Northern California were used to living with the threat of wildfires. But nothing could have prepared them for the devastating 2018 fire season, the deadliest in 100 years and the most destructive in history.

      In the 20th "I Survived" book, readers join eleven-year-old Josh as he leaves his New Jersey home for the rural northern California town where his cousins live. Still reeling from the life-changing challenges that propelled him and his mother across the country, Josh struggles to adapt to a more rustic, down-to-earth lifestyle that couldn't be more different from the one he is used to.

      Josh and his cousin bond over tacos and reptiles and jokes, but on a trip into the nearby forest, they suddenly find themselves in the path of a fast-moving firestorm, a super-heated monster that will soon lay waste to millions of acres of wilderness and—possibly—their town. Josh needs to confront the family issues burning him up inside, but first he'll have to survive the flames blazing all around him.

      Civil War Breakout: Great Escapes

      by W. N. Brown

      Nov 2020

      Hi-Lo PG Middle/High

      Civil War, 1863. Union soldiers Colonel Thomas Rose and Major A.G. Hamilton were captured by the Confederate Army and sent to one of the most horrific prisons ever run—Libby Prison. Infamous for its harsh, overcrowded, and vermin-infested conditions, many soldiers entered Libby but very few left alive. However, Rose and Hamilton were determined to escape.

      Haunted Hospital

      by Marty Chan

      Oct 2020

      Hi-Lo PG Middle/High

      Xander thinks the George Wickerman Hospital would be the perfect setting for Spirits and Specters, a role-playing game where players go on “missions” to find evidence of paranormal activities. According to local legend, tuberculosis patients were used as test subjects in medical experiments that ended tragically, and their disfigured ghosts walk the hallways of this now-abandoned building. What better location to go ghost hunting? Even though they didn’t really believe the rumors, Xander and his friends soon begin to suspect that they are not alone. Is this place actually haunted by ghosts? Or something even more terrifying?

      Addy’s Big Splash: The Club

      by Elizabeth Gordon

      Sep 2020

      Hi-Lo PG Middle/High

      Addy has never been good at sports. She's so clumsy, she's earned the name Hurricane Addy, but this year, all of that is going to change. Addy wants to join the swim team at the Club. She's surprised to learn how much exercise and training it takes to become a strong swimmer. Does Addy have what it takes to be the athlete she always dreamed of becoming?

      On the Rocks

      by Eric Walters

      May 2020

      Hi-Lo PG Middle/High

      Fourteen-year-old Dylan is sent to live with his estranged grandfather, Angus. Basically strangers, the two avoid each other as best they can. One day Dylan discovers a young orca stranded high up on the rocky beach. Dylan runs to tell his grandfather. There’s nothing that can be done, says Angus. The sun is coming up, and soon the orca will die of exposure. But Dylan knows he has to try to save the whale. He collects towels to cover the delicate skin of the orca and begins transporting buckets of water from the ocean below to keep it hydrated. It’s grueling work, and it will be hours before the tide comes back in and the water is high enough for the orca to swim free. Angus is moved by his grandson’s determination and helps as best he can. They both desperately hope that soon the orca will be able to join its family, who have been calling out to it just offshore.

      On the Rocks is an inspiring story about the ups and downs of family.

      What’s the Matter with Jayden Jackson?: We the Weirdos

      by Charley Pickle

      Apr 2020

      Hi-Lo PG Middle/High

      Jayden Jackson is always in trouble. He has a quick temper and gets detention on the regular. When Jayden meets rule-following Eli, they find common ground in the music they love. But Jayden can't tell Eli the truth behind his anger: that his dad is in jail. Jayden has fun hanging out with Eli, but can he really let another person in and show them who he really is?

      Iggy's World

      by Gail Anderson-Dargatz

      Feb 2020

      Hi-Lo PG Middle/High

      Fourteen-year-old Iggy comes from a famous family. Well, sort of. His dad directs a cheesy sci-fi web series, his mom writes for it, and his sister has a successful YouTube channel. Iggy does't have the acting bug, so he feels like an outsider. Wanting to prove himself, Iggy starts his own podcast about what interests him: insects. But it's not until Iggy embarrasses his famous sister on air that his podcast really takes off. He's thrilled with his own success, until she fires back. Now it's all-out war.

      Iggy's World is an exploration of the age-old problem artists face: when we find inspiration from our real lives, what will our friends and family think? And, of course, just how much of our private lives do we really want to reveal online?

      Boil Line

      by M. J. McIsaac

      Jan 2020

      Hi-Lo PG Middle/High

      Camp Clearwater is home to best friends Nate, Owen, and Mercy. They practically grew up on the Starling River. But the summer they turn sixteen, an incident forces the camp to close its doors. Mike Elliot, the river-kayaking guide who taught the teens everything they know, is lost to the rapids. A tragic accident, everyone agrees. Except for Nate. Mike was the best kayaker he'd ever met. The smartest. The safest. He respected and loved the river, and as far as Nate is concerned, the river loved Mike back. If his instructor was pulled under by the Starling, then Nate is sure foul play was involved. To find the truth, Nate must face his greatest fears as he retraces Mike's final run through the Black Hole, the most treacherous waters on the Starling.

      Javi Takes a Bow: The Club

      by Elizabeth Gordon

      Dec 2019

      Hi-Lo PG Middle/High

      Javi is painfully shy. English is his second language, and he struggles with his speech. Rather than communicating in broken English, Javi prefers not to speak at all. That is, until the Club holds auditions for Javi's favorite musical. Can Javi overcome his fear of speaking in front of people to audition for the part?

      Black-and-white illustrations.

      Things That Don't Make Sense: The Bad Kids in 4B

      by Brynn Kelly

      Oct 2019

      Hi-Lo PG Middle/High

      Landon currently has an F in life. He won't do his homework, won't take tests, won't even look at the chalkboard during class. His parents and teachers think it's because he's just not trying, but really, Landon is hiding a deep secret: nothing makes sense to him. He struggles to read, has trouble focusing, and can't wrap his mind around math. Maybe this a problem only the kids in 4B can solve.

      Black-and-white illustrations.

      The Right Note: Reality Show #3

      by D.A. Graham

      Jul 2019

      Hi-Lo PG Middle/High

      Eve and Ryan have been a music duo ever since they were little. Eve's voice contrasts with Ryan's creative and edgy musical style, making them a perfect pairing. They decide to audition for The Right Note, a reality music competition, hoping to get their big break. But when the show starts and they are forced to compete against each other, their relationship is tested and they begin to question their musical skills. Will either of them be strong enough musicians to compete on their own? And will they still be a duo at the end of the show?

      Minor Incidents and Absolute Uncertainties : Frazzled #3

      by Booki Vivat

      Jun 2019

      Hi-Lo PG Middle/High

      Pointdexter Middle School is gearing up for an outdoor adventure. Abbie and her classmates will spend one week camping in the woods, learning stuff about nature, and making new friends. While Abbie’s usual friends seem to adjust fine to their assigned groups, she doesn’t quite fit in—with anyone! If that isn’t bad enough, her camp counselors are totally weird and she can’t figure out what is up with the Golden Pig. Abbie feels all alone at camp. Will she learn how to fit in yet stay true to herself? Or will she finally reach her breaking point?

      Black-and-white illustrations.
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