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      The Old Truck

      by Jarett Pumphrey

      Apr 2020

      Kindergarten Plus

      When is an old truck something more? On a small, bustling farm, a resilient and steadfast pickup works tirelessly alongside the family that lives there, and becomes a part of the dreams and ambitions of the family’s young daughter.

      After long days and years of hard work leave the old truck rusting in the weeds, it’s time for the girl to roll up her sleeves. Soon she is running her own busy farm, and in the midst of all the repairing and restoring, it may be time to bring her faithful childhood companion back to life.

      Please Don’t Eat Me

      by Liz Climo

      Mar 2020

      Kindergarten Plus

      When a carefree bunny is approached by a voracious bear in the woods, Bunny has just one request: "Please don't eat me. But the bear has a never-ending list of requests, and Bunny realizes maybe Bear isn't as hungry as he'd let on… Maybe he just wants his new friend's company for a while.

      This witty and poignant exploration of predator and prey will have children and parents alike roaring with laughter—and looking for their next meal. Full-color illustrations “were done with digital magic on kinmart matte art paper FSC.”

      A Big Bed for Little Snow

      by Grace Lin

      Feb 2020

      Kindergarten Plus

      When it was quiet, Little Snow grinned and then jumped, jumped, jumped!

      Little Snow loves the new big, soft bed Mommy made him for the long, cold winter nights. But Mommy says this bed is for sleeping, not jumping! What happens when he can't resist jump, jump, jumping on his new fluffy, bouncy bed?

      Full-color gouache illustrations.

      I Want a Dog

      by Jon Agee

      Jan 2020

      Kindergarten Plus

      The Copley County Animal Shelter has an aardvark, a lizard, a goose, a weasel, and plenty more. But do they have a puppy? The girl with her wagon is ready to adopt a dog—not an aardvark, lizard, or goose! Can the shelter manager help her to find her perfect pet?

      Full-color illustrations.


      by Mark Teague

      Dec 2019

      Kindergarten Plus

      It’s a big day up in the tree that Mama bird shares with her baby. Mama bird thinks Baby bird is finally ready to leave the nest and learn to fly so he can migrate south with the rest of their flock. But Baby bird isn’t so sure. Can’t his mother keep bringing him worms in their nest? Can’t he migrate in a hot air balloon instead? Or perhaps a car?
      This silly wordless picture book will keep young readers giggling as Baby bird figures out that he must flap his wings and learn to fly—whether he likes it or not!

      Full-color illustrations rendered in acrylics.

      Aalfred and Aalbert

      by Morag Hood

      Nov 2019

      Kindergarten Plus

      Aalfred and Aalbert lead solitary lives. Sometimes, Aalfred thinks he might like to be part of a pair, and sometimes Aalbert thinks he might like to be one of two. But Aalfred sleeps all day, and Aalbert sleeps all night &mdashso how will the two ever meet? Luckily, a helpful bystander intervenes, and when Aalfred and Aalbert 's paths cross in the most unexpected way, they find that they go together quite well, just like cheese and broccoli.
      This adorable story about two aardvarks and an unlikely matchmaker will appeal to families with LGBTQ parents and family members as author-illustrator Morag Hood keeps children laughing with funny situations and entertaining teachable moments about relationships.

      Full-color illustrations were created in gouache and colored digitally.

      Spot & Dot

      by Henry Cole

      Oct 2019

      Kindergarten Plus

      In Henry Cole's vivid wordless picture book Spot, the Cat, readers joined Spot on a journey through a city that began with him following a bird outside his window.

      This time, a dog named Dot draws Spot from his window. As we follow Spot and Dot on their wordless journey, we quickly realize that it's Dot the dog who is missing this time, and Spot is trying to ger her back home.  We follow these two on a different journey through the city as they weave in and out of a bakery, a library, a busy park, and more.  And with a surprise twist at the end, we realize that "home" for both cat and dog was never very far away.

      With detailed black-and-white illustrations, readers will love following Spot and Dot on their adventure and cheering for the sweet reunion at the end.

      Black-and-white illustrations.

      Ultrabot's First Playdate

      by Josh Schneider

      Oct 2019

      Kindergarten Plus

      Ultrabot is a big robot with a big problem. Its professor is planning a playdate with Becky Tingle, the little girl from next door. But Ultrabot has never been on a playdate, and it doesn’t know Becky. What if she’s mean? What if she breaks all of Ultrabot’s toys? What if she won’t share?

      Packed with loads of fun details and visual humor, this reassuring friendship story speaks to the shy giant robot in all of us.

      Full-color illustrations were done in watercolor, pen and ink, and Photoshop.


      by Jean Reidy

      Sep 2019

      Kindergarten Plus

      Truman the tortoise lives with his Sarah, high above the taxis and the trash trucks and the number eleven bus, which travels south. He never worries about the world below…until one day, when Sarah straps on a big backpack and does something Truman has never seen before. She boards the bus!

      Truman waits for her to return.

      He waits.

      And waits.

      And waits.

      And when he can wait no longer, he knows what he must do. Even if it seems…impossible!

      Full-color illustrations were rendered in gouache, brush marker, charcoal, and colored pencil, and were finished digitally.

      Paper Mice

      by Megan Wagner Lloyd

      Sep 2019

      Kindergarten Plus

      With a snip and a clip, two paper mice are made. THey are given names: Della and Ralph. Each alone, they explore their new house in the dark. Della dashes up the stairs; Ralph skitters through the dining room. There is so much to see and so much to discover!

      But a big, dark house can be scary for those so small, until they find...each other.

      Beautiful, cut-paper illustrations bring to live this lyrical story of adventure and friendship.

      Full-color illustrations were rendered in cut paper, watercolor, and digitally.

      Lawrence in the Fall

      by Matthew Farina

      Aug 2019

      Kindergarten Plus

      When Lawrence Fox's teacher announces that students will be presenting their collections at show-and-tell, Lawrence realizes he doesn't have anything to share. Luckily, Papa knows just what to do to help! Together, they venture into the woods. Lawrence is scared at first, but as he grows comfortable in the forest, he starts to recognize its magic, and how beautiful and unique each tree and leaf is, allowing him to gather a splendid, one-of-a-kind collection of his own!

      Full-color illustrations were drawn in pencil and colored in Photoshop.

      A Piglet Named Mercy

      by Kate DiCamillo

      Jul 2019

      Kindergarten Plus

      Mr. Watson and Mrs. Watson live ordinary lives. Sometimes their lives feel a bit too ordinary. Sometimes they wish something different would happen. And one day it does, when someone unpredictable finds her way to their front door. In a delightful origin story for the star of the Mercy Watson series, a tiny piglet brings love (and chaos) to Deckawoo Drive—and the Watsons’ lives will never be the same.

      Full-color gouache illustrations.
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