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      Catwings: Las aventuras de los gatos alados (Catwings: Adventures of the Winged Cats)

      by Ursula K. Le Guin

      Apr 2020

      Spanish Elementary

      Mrs. Jane Tabby can't explain why her four precious kittens were born with wings, but she's grateful that they are able to use their flying skills to soar away from the dangerous city slums where they were born. However, once the kittens escape the big city, they learn that country life can be just as difficult!

      La caimana (The Caiman)

      by María Eugenia Manrique

      Mar 2020

      Spanish Elementary

      Based on a true story and written by someone who witnessed it, this touching picture book is set in Venezuela. A man named Faoro found an orphaned, newborn caiman and brought her home. The bond they formed was unbreakable and everlasting. Information about Faoro and the author is provided at the end.

      Further information about José Faoro and his pet caiman, with photographs. Full-color illustrations.

      Rafi y Rosi ¡Música! (Rafi and Rosi Music!)

      by Lulu Delacre

      Feb 2020

      Spanish Elementary

      In this new book in the popular Dive Into Reading: Rafi and Rosi chapter book series, Rafi and his younger sister, Rosi, are excited to learn about and participate in the traditional forms of music of their native Puerto Rico. They drum and dance to the rolling and rippling beats of bomba instruments. They sing and sway with the rhythms of plena songs. And they attend a party where they eat paella and warm corn fritters, and dance to the hot, spicy beat of la salsa!

      Engaging and informative, the book is perfect for independent readers in kindergarten through second grade. Children will enjoy joining Rafi and Rosi on their new adventures while they learn about Puerto Rico's musical traditions and culture.

      Sources. Glossary. Further information on bomba, salsa, and plena music. How to make a güiro. Full-color illustrations rendered in watercolor and colored pencil.

      Titanosaurio: El descubrimiento del dinosaurio más grande del mundo (Titanosaur: Discovering the World's Largest Dinosaur)

      by Dr. Diego Pol

      Jan 2020

      Spanish Elementary

      This book tells the story of the discovery of this new dinosaur from the mouths of the paleontologists who led the dig! From its discovery by a local herder, to the organization and completion of the excavation, this riveting story will have readers on the edge of their seats, and the beautifully painted illustrations will mesmerize.

      Authors’ note. Full-color illustrations and photographs.

      El libro de los monstruos (The Book of Monsters)

      by Algarabía

      Nov 2019

      Spanish Elementary

      Be brave! And remember: Deep down inside, we are all monsters.

      The Book of Monsters unites all of those interesting creatures that live in our nightmares. Some came from old mythological legends, old folklores, or from the mind of some literary author, from movies, television, comic books, or videogames. Here you will find terrible, hungry, and deceptive beings waiting for your first misstep to devour you; wonderful and wild beasts that captivated old ancestral cultures; amazing peaceful beings that help others in the darkest moments; and sad tragic characters trapped by nature or a curse. Get ready, you’re about to begin an exciting search!

      Guide to monster categories and danger levels. Index. Full-color illustrations.

      El delito de la limonada (The Lemonade Crime)

      by Jacqueline Davies

      Aug 2019

      Spanish Elementary

      On the fourth day of fourth grade, Scott Spencer walks into school and announces that he just bought the newest Xbox system. Jessie and Evan wonder where he got the money for that. Convinced that Scott stole the $208 that went missing from Evan's pocket at the end of the summer, Jessie decides to take Scott to court to prove his guilt. But things don't work out the way Jessie planned, and so it's up to Evan to find his own path to justice.

      Black-and-white illustrations done in pen and ink.

      No dejes que desaparezcan (Don't Let Them Disappear)

      by Chelsea Clinton

      Jul 2019

      Spanish Elementary

      From morning to night, animals share our world and make it a beautiful place. But more and more animals are becoming endangered and heading toward extinction. In this book, Chelsea Clinton introduces young readers to a selection of endangered animals, detailing their habits, their habitats and the causes for their endangerment. Taking readers through the course of a day, Don’t Let Them Disappear talks about rhinos, tigers, whales and more, and provides helpful tips on what we all can do to help prevent these animals from disappearing from our world entirely.

      Further information on endangered animals. Suggestions for getting involved in environmental conservation. Full-color gouache illustrations.

      El traje del armadillo y otras leyendas de Latinoamérica (The Armadillo's Suit and Other Latin American Legends)

      by Teresa Icaza

      May 2019

      Spanish Elementary

      Find out why the armadillo wears a suit, the rabbit is on the moon, the eel is the protector of the waters or why the condors fly in pairs. These legends are part of the cultural heritage of Latin America.

      Full-color illustrations.

      Galápagos Girl / Galapagueña

      by Marsha Diane Arnold

      Mar 2019

      Spanish Elementary

      Valentina swims with pingüinos and climbs over lava rocks with iguanas marinas. Inspired by the childhood of one of the first permanent inhabitants of las islas Galápagos.

      Author’s note. Note on the Galápagos Islands. Facts about Galápagos animals. Bibliography. Full-color illustrations rendered in pencil with digital color.

      Watch Out for Clever Women! /¡Cuidado con las mujeres astutas!

      by Joe Hayes

      Feb 2019

      Spanish Elementary

      Some tricky women teach people simple lessons in this bilingual collection of ten Southwestern folktales—updated from the original edition with five new stories.

      Los volcanes: National Geographic Readers

      by Anne Schreiber

      Dec 2018

      Spanish Elementary

      Did you know a volcano created Iceland? Or that a volcano in Mexico once erupted for nine whole years? With a little science, un poco de historia, and a lot of dramatic photographs, this early reader provides a fascinating look at volcanoes. Glossary. Full-color photographs.

      Papa Francisco: Creador de puentes (Papa Francisco: Builder of Bridges)

      by Emma Otheguy

      Nov 2018

      Spanish Elementary

      As the leader of the Catholic Church, Papa Franciso has focused on another word for pope: pontífice, a man who builds bridges to reach everyone. He’s become an important voice, speaking out on issues and leading by example.
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