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      El viaje del pequeño Charlie (The Journey of Little Charlie)

      by Christopher Paul Curtis

      Apr 2020

      Spanish Middle

      At twelve, little Charlie seems to have run out of luck. HIS father, a sharecropper, has just died, and Captain Buck, the most feared man in Sad Raccoon, South Carolina, has come to collect a debt. Charlie fears for his life and decides to reach an agreement with Captain Buck: he will help him track down a gang accused of stealing from the captain and his boss. It's not bad business for Charlie…until he finds himself face to face with the fugitives and discovers their true identities. Debate between his guilty conscience and his survival instinct, Charlie has to decide what he is going to do, and very soon. It is only a matter of time before Captain Buck leaps forward.

      Doce sustos y un perico (Twelve Scares and a Parakeet)

      by Jaime Alfonso Sandoval

      Mar 2020

      Spanish Middle

      Agueda Chacon Churruca made a great fortune writing her horror books. Her readers adored her, although she hated them: “I write to make them suffer,” she would say. In fact, Agueda detested everyone, especially her family, whom she always labeled as sloppy, lazy, clingy, and having ugly hair. One tragic day, Agueda dies electrocuted in her massage chair and leaves her immense fortune to the relative who can manage to spend twelve nights in her collection of haunted houses. Ghosts, possessed dolls, enchanted castles, and endless frightening situations await the Chacon family.

      Black-and-white illustrations.

      Los dioses del Norte: La leyenda del bosque (The Gods of the North: The Legend of the Forest)

      by Jara Santamaria

      Feb 2020

      Spanish Middle

      Three cousins. Two worlds. One secret.

      The legend goes that in the Baztán Valley, the gods coexisted in brotherhood, and the creatures of the day and night could live in harmony. But Gaueko, the terrible god of the night, started to torment the humans with his pack of wolves, and the goddess of the Earth, Mari, created the Moon and the Sun to protect them from the darkness. However, Gaueko’s thirst for power led him to concoct a plan to capture the Sun, and thus definitively establish his kingdom of shadows. Blinded with rage, Mari divided the world in two, and now nothing and no one can cross the line between them.

      Teo, Emma, and Ada don’t like each other at all, but they are cousins, and circumstances have led them to spend the summer together in their grandmother’s small village in Navarre. When one of them disappears and the others go searching, they discover a universe of wizards and gods, of irascible giants and beautiful women with raptor claws, in which the terrible god Gaueko has imposed darkness. A world in which they can only save themselves from the shadows if they stay united and discover their own magic.


      El crossover (The Crossover)

      by Kwame Alexander

      Jan 2020

      Spanish Middle

      A bolt of lightning on my kicks…
      The court is SIZZLING.
      My sweat is DRIZZLING.
      Stop all that quivering.
      Cuz tonight I’m delivering.

      Basketball phenom Josh Bell and his twin brother, Jordan, are kings on the court, with crossovers that make even the toughest ballers cry. But when Jordan meets the new girl in school, the twins’ bond unravels. Basketball and brotherhood intertwine to show Josh and Jordan that life doesn’t come with a playbook and, sometimes, it’s not about winning.

      La formasombras (Shadowshaper)

      by Daniel José Older

      Dec 2019

      Spanish Middle

      Sierra Santiago planned an easy summer of making art and hanging with her friends. But then a corpse crashes their first party. Her stroke-ridden grandfather starts apologizing nonstop. And when the murals in her neighborhood start to weep tears… Well, something more sinister than the usual Brooklyn ruckus is going on.


      El caso del marqués desaparecido (The Case of the Missing Marquess): Enola Holmes

      by Nancy Springer

      Oct 2019

      Spanish Middle

      Enola is willing to travel to London to find any clues about her mother's recent disappearance.  Once she arrives, she finds herself involved with the kidnapping of a young nobleman.  She must also thwart her older brothers' attempts to bring her to a boarding school.  With all this going on, will she be able to find her mother?

      Decryption of an encoded message in the book.

      El aprendiz (A Single Shard)

      by Linda Sue Park

      Sep 2019

      Spanish Middle

      Tree-ear is a 13-year-old orphan living on the streets of 12th-Century Korea. He is content with his life under a bridge with Crane-man until one day, while looking for food, he sees the work of Min, a master potter. He dreams of learning the craft from Min and eventually becomes his apprentice. Although ill-prepared for the hard labor involved, his determination will have rewards Tree-ear never imagined.

      Author’s note.

      Eres genial (You Are Awesome)

      by Matthew Syed

      Aug 2019

      Spanish Middle

      I'm no good at sports...
      I can't do math...
      I really struggle with exams...
      Sound familiar? If you believe you can't do something, the chances are you won't try. But what if you really could get better at math, or sports, or exams? In fact, what if you could excel at anything you put your mind to? You Are Awesome can help you do just that, inspiring and empowering young readers to find the confidence to realize their potential. It uses examples of successful people from Mozart to David Beckham to demonstrate that success really is earned rather than given, and that talent can be acquired. With hard work and determination, practice and self-belief, there's no reason why anyone can't achieve anything.

      Index. Two-color illustrations.

      La selva (Forest World)

      by Margarita Engle

      Jul 2019

      Spanish Middle

      Edver isn’t happy about being shipped off to Cuba to visit the father he barely knows. Yet now that travel laws have changed and it’s a lot easier for divided families to be reunited, his mom thinks it's time for some father-son bonding. Edver doesn’t know what this summer has in store, but he’s definitely not expecting to meet a sister he didn’t know existed! Luza is a year older and excited to see her little brother, until she realizes how different their lives have been. Looking for anything they might have in common, they sneak onto the internet—and accidentally catch the interest of a dangerous wildlife poacher. Edver has fought plenty of villains in video games. Now, to save the Cuban jungle they love, he and Luza are going to have to find a way to conquer a real villain!

      Glossary with author commentary. Note about poachers.

      Isla de leones (Lion Island): El guerrero cubano de las palabras (Cuba's Warrior of Words)

      by Margarita Engle

      May 2019

      Spanish Middle

      Asia, Africa, Europe—Antonio Chuffat’s ancestors clashed and blended on the beautiful island of Cuba. The country is fighting for freedom from Spain. Enslaved Africans and near-enslaved Chinese indentured servants are forced to work long, backbreaking hours in the fields. So Antonio feels lucky to have found a good job as a messenger, where his richly blended cultural background is an asset. Through his work he meets Wing, a young Chinese fruit seller who barely escaped the anti-Asian riots in San Francisco, and his sister Fan, a talented singer. With injustice all around them, the three friends are determined to prove that violence is not the only way to gain liberty.

      Note on historical context. Biographical note on Antonio Chuffat. References. Recommended reading.

      ¿Quién es Carmen Sandiego? (Who in the World is Carmen Sandiego?)

      by Rebecca Tinker

      Apr 2019

      Spanish Middle

      For decades, people have asked “where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?” But just who is the criminal famosa in the fedora rojo? Find out in this origin story full of globetrotting heists and capers.
      Foreword by Gina Rodriguez.

      El mundo adorado de Sonia Sotomayor (The Beloved World of Sonia Sotomayor): Del Bronx a la Corte Suprema (From the Bronx to the Supreme Court)

      by Sonia Sotomayor

      Mar 2019

      Spanish Middle

      As a niña, Sonia Sotomayor dreamed of becoming a lawyer or a judge—though she’d never met one of either, and none lived in her barrio in the Bronx. As she grew up, she didn’t let hardships stand in her way.

      Family tree. Glossary of Spanish words. Brief history of the Supreme Court. Black-and-white photo insert.
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