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      Over in Motown

      by Debbie Ann Taylor

      Apr 2020

      City Elementary

      An energetic picture book celebrating the musical genres and rhythms of industry that fueled Detroit in the Motown era.

      Bolivar Eats New York: A Discovery Adventure

      by Sean Rubin

      Mar 2020

      City Elementary

      When Sybil learns her friend Bolivar, the last dinosaur, only likes corned beef sandwiches, she informs him that he’s been missing out on one of the great attributes of New York City and it’s rich communities—delicacies from around the world! Knishes! Falafel! Dim Sum! And it wouldn’t be a story in the Big Apple without pizza…

      Explore the five boroughs—Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, and Manhattan—in this lushly illustrated “Discovery Adventure” from Eisner-nominated writer and artist Sean Rubin, where kids and parents alike search for their favorite foods, and find other sights unique to one of the greatest cities in the world!

      Author’s note. Full-color illustrations.

      Home Sweet Neighborhood: Transforming Cities One Block at a Time

      by Michelle Mulder

      Jun 2019

      City Elementary

      Picture a busy avenue. Now plant trees along the boulevard, paint a mural by the empty lot, and add a community garden. Set up benches along the sidewalks and make space for kids' chalk drawings, and you've set the scene for a thriving community. Placemaking—personalizing public and semi-private spaces like front yards—is a growing trend in cities and suburbs around the world, drawing people out of their homes and into conversation with one another. Kids are natural placemakers, building tree forts, drawing on sidewalks and setting up lemonade stands, but people of all ages can enjoy creative placemaking activities. From Dutch families who drag couches and tables onto sidewalks for outdoor suppers to Canadians who build little lending libraries to share books with neighbors, people can do things that make life more fun and strengthen neighborhoods.

      Resources. Glossary. Index. Black-and-white and full-color photographs.

      Tigers and Tea With Toppy

      by Barbara Kerley

      Jan 2019

      City Elementary

      Rhoda loves spending time with Toppy. He is not only her beloved grandpa, but also the world-famous wildlife artist Charles R. Knight! Every outing with Toppy -- from visits to the American Museum of Natural History and the Central Park Zoo to tea parties at The Plaza Hotel -- is filled with fun and adventure.
      Lovers of animals, art, natural history, and New York City will relish this vivacious and winsomely depicted true story. Presented through Rhoda's eyes, it celebrates the enchantment of scientific inquiry, a tender grandparent-grandchild bond, and the vision of a pioneering artist who opened our eyes to the wonders of the ancient world.
      Included in this book are more than a dozen of Charles R. Knight's original paintings and drawings, interspersed with Matte Stephens's winsome illustrations.
      Author’s and artist’s notes. Sources. Excerpt adapted from “How One Paints and Models an Animal” by Charles R. Knight. Black-and-white historical photographs and drawings. Full-color gouache illustrations.

      Hey, Wall: A Story of Art and Community

      by Susan Verde

      Dec 2018

      City Elementary

      One creative boy.
      One bare, abandoned wall.
      One BIG idea.

      There is a wall in Ángel’s neighborhood. Around it, the community bustles with life: music, dancing, laughing. Not the wall. It is bleak. One boy decides to change that. But he can’t do it alone.
      Told in elegant verse by Susan Verde and vibrantly illustrated by John Parra, this inspiring picture book celebrates the power of art to tell a story and bring a community together.
      Author’s note. Illustrator’s note. Full-color acrylic illustrations.

      This Is My Eye: A New York Story

      by Neela Vaswani

      Nov 2018

      City Elementary

      It's not what you look at, it's what you see! Take a journey through New York City as it might be seen by a child through a camera lens.

      Author’s note. Full-color photographs taken on a smartphone and a refurbished digital SLR camera.

      A Moon for Moe and Mo

      by Jane Breskin Zalben

      Oct 2018

      City Elementary

      Moses Feldman, a Jewish boy, lives at one end of Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, New York, while Mohammed Hassan, a Muslim boy, lives at the other. One day they meet at Sahadi’s market while out shopping with their mothers and are mistaken for brothers. A friendship is born, and the boys bring their families together to share rugelach and date cookies in the park as they make a wish for peace.
      Author’s note. Illustrator’s note. Full-color illustrations done in acrylic, markers, ink, and photo collage, then digitally assembled in Photoshop.
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