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      29 Dates

      by Melissa De La Cruz

      Apr 2019

      Young Adults

      When Jisu flubs a test at her Seoul school and skips out on a matchmaker-arranged date to spend time with friends, her traditional parents decide to send her to private school—in San Francisco.
      Author’s note.

      Let’s Go Swimming on Doomsday

      by Natalie C. Anderson

      Mar 2019

      Young Adults

      When Abdi's family is kidnapped from their home in Somalia, Abdi must take on a dangerous mission to save their lives. He becomes a child soldier—and double agent—within the ruthless terrorist group Al Shabaab.
      Author’s note. Glossary.

      A Very Large Expanse of Sea

      by Tahereh Mafi

      Feb 2019

      Young Adults

      2002: Shirin figures everyone at her new school will dislike her for her race, religion, and hijab. Then she meets Ocean James, who actually seems to want to get to know her—and she discovers breakdancing.

      In Another Time

      by Caroline Leech

      Jan 2019

      Young Adults

      World War II: In Scotland as part of the Women’s Timber Corps, Maisie finds the independence she’s craved. But she is frustrated by reserved lumberjack John Lindsay and his many secrets. Author’s note.

      Summer Bird Blue

      by Akemi Dawn Bowman

      Dec 2018

      Young Adults

      Rumi’s sister, Lea, was her best friend and songwriting partner. Now Lea is dead, and Rumi is struggling to find a way back to music on her own.

      Darius the Great Is Not Okay

      by Adib Khorram

      Nov 2018

      Young Adults

      Afterword with resources. Darius, who’s half Persian, has never fit in at home in Oregon. He’s sure things will be the same in Iran; but then he meets Sohrab and everything changes.

      We Regret to Inform You

      by Ariel Kaplan

      Oct 2018

      Young Adults

      When all her college applications are rejected, high-achiever Misha teams up with a group of hackers to figure out who sabotaged her.

      Wild Blue Wonder

      by Carlie Sorosiak

      Sep 2018

      Young Adults

      The summer camp Quinn’s family owns in Winship, Maine, was always a magical, hopeful place—but everything has changed since the accident last June.

      Stay Sweet

      by Siobhan Vivian

      Aug 2018

      Young Adults

      After the elderly founder of Sand Lake's famous Meade Creamery dies, Amelia finds herself practically running the place—and then, having to save it.

      The Astonishing Color of After

      by Emily X. R. Pan

      Jul 2018

      Young Adults

      Leigh Chen Sanders is absolutely certain about one thing: when her mother died by suicide, she turned into a bird.

      Twelve Steps to Normal

      by Farrah Penn

      Jun 2018

      Young Adults

      Kira struggles to piece together her family and social life after her father's alcoholism has torn them apart.

      This Tiny Perfect World

      by Lauren Gibaldi

      May 2018

      Young Adults

      Penny wins a scholarship to a prestigious theater camp and thinks it's the startof a perfect summer. But at camp, she is thrust into a world ofcompetition and self-doubt.
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