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      Book: My Autobiography

      by John Agard

      Dec 2015

      Nonfiction Elementary

      $12.75  $6.75  Member Price
      "I like to think of clay tablets as my ancestors." This unique history of the written word charts the journey of its narrator, "Book," from pictograms to paper to pixels. Sources. Black-and-white mixed-media illustrations.

      When the Slave Esperança Garcia Wrote a Letter

      by Sonia Rosa

      Oct 2015

      Nonfiction Elementary

      $12.75  $6.75  Member Price
      Brazil, 1770: Prompted by her master's cruelty, Esperança, with her "fingers worn out from so much work," wrote a letter petitioning her governor to send her back to her previous farm. Historical notes. Full-color illustrations were drawn in pencil and colored digitally; brush-painted elements were scanned and incorporated digitally.

      Island Treasures: Growing Up in Cuba

      by Alma Flor Ada

      Sep 2015

      Nonfiction Elementary

      $12.75  $6.75  Member Price
      In this memoir, a compilation of new stories and two previously published short-story collections, Alma Flor Ada vividly portrays her unconventional childhood in Cuba. Author's note. Glossary. Black-and-white photographs and illustrations.

      Smiley: The Blind Therapy Dog

      by Joanne George

      Aug 2018

      Nonfiction Elementary Plus

      Smiley, born without eyes and with dwarfism, becomes a wonderful therapy dog.
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