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      Fab Four Friends: The Boys Who Became the Beatles

      by Susanna Reich

      Oct 2015

      Arts Elementary

      Out of stock
      “People all over the world fell in love with the lads from Liverpool.” But what were John, Paul, George, and Ringo like as kids, and how did they meet? Author’s note. Glossary. Source notes. Bibliography. Full-color illustrations done in oil paint.

      Swan: The Life and Dance of Anna Pavlova

      by Laurel Snyder

      Sep 2015

      Arts Elementary

      Out of stock
      When Anna Pavlova saw a ballet as a child, “there [was] a song, suddenly, inside her.” Despite having “legs too thin” and “feet all wrong,” Anna eventually became one of the world’s most famous ballerinas. Author’s note. Bibliography. Full-color illustrations rendered in ink, gouache, graphite, and pencil crayon.
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