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      Extreme Wildfire: Smoke Jumpers, High-Tech Gear, Survival Tactics, and the Extraordinary Science of Fire

      by Mark Thiessen

      Sep 2016

      Nonfiction Middle Plus

      Out of stock
      Learn about wildfires, tactics for prevention and containment, the technology used to track and predict fires, and the skill needed to fight them. Resources and further reading. Glossary. Index. Full-color maps, diagrams, and photographs.

      No Better Friend: Young Readers Edition: A Man, a Dog, and Their Incredible True Story of Friendship and Survival in World War II

      by Robert Weintraub

      Aug 2016

      Nonfiction Middle Plus

      Out of stock
      British radarman Frank Williams, and Judy, a purebred pointer, had faced many hardships before they met in a crowded POW camp. Together they survived brutal guards, near starvation, and other dangers. Time line. Bibliography. Black-and-white maps, period photographs, and illustrations.

      We Will Not Be Silent: How the White Rose Student Resistance Movement Defied Adolf Hitler

      by Russell Freedman

      Jul 2016

      Nonfiction Middle Plus

      Out of stock
      2017 Robert F. Sibert Award, Honor
      For eight months in 1942–43, a group of University of Munich students, led by siblings Hans and Sophie Scholl, sent Hitler’s government into a frenzy—by writing and distributing anti-Nazi leaflets. Source notes. Selected bibliography. Index. Black-and-white photographs and reproductions of historical documents.

      Ten Days a Madwoman: The Daring Life and Turbulent Times of the Original “Girl” Reporter, Nellie Bly

      by Deborah Noyes

      Jun 2016

      Nonfiction Middle Plus

      Out of stock
      In 1887, Nellie Bly faked mental illness in order to investigate a notorious New York City asylum. This was just one of many journalism stunts that Bly pulled off during her career. Author’s note. Source notes. Bibliography. Index. Black-and-white period photographs, illustrations, and reproductions.

      This Kid Can Fly: It’s About Ability (NOT Disability)

      by Aaron Philip

      May 2016

      Nonfiction Middle Plus

      $12.00  $7.50  Member Price
      Out of stock
      Aaron Philip doesn’t let cerebral palsy define him. He’d rather discuss his Tumblr account featuring his artwork, his love for his family, and his favorite anime. Black-and-white photographs and illustrations.

      The Boy Who Became Buffalo Bill: Growing Up Billy Cody in Bleeding Kansas

      by Andrea Warren

      Apr 2016

      Nonfiction Middle Plus

      $12.00  $7.50  Member Price
      Out of stock
      An embodiment of the Wild West, Billy Cody drove cattle by age eleven, rode for the Pony Express, and fought for Kansas to be a free state. And those were just a few of his youthful exploits. Note on terminology. Author’s note. Annotated list of resources about Buffalo Bill and his times. Source notes. Bibliography. Index. Black-and-white photographs and reproductions of historical illustrations, documents, and maps.

      Human Body Theater

      by Maris Wicks

      Mar 2016

      Nonfiction Middle Plus

      Out of stock
      Welcome to the show! This evening’s performance is a theatrical revue of all human biological systems, presented in graphic-novel format by your “animated” host: a skeleton! Glossary. Bibliography and recommended reading. Full-color illustrations.

      Bioluminescence: Nature and Science at Work

      by Marc Zimmer

      Feb 2016

      Nonfiction Middle Plus

      Out of stock
      Bioluminescent species produce and emit light for reasons including defense and attracting mates as well as prey. But how are scientists using bioluminescence to help humans? Diagrams and charts. Glossary. Source notes. Selected bibliography. Resources for further information. Index. Black-and-white and full-color photographs and reproductions of artwork.

      Rhythm Ride: A Road Trip Through the Motown Sound

      by Andrea Davis Pinkney

      Jan 2016

      Nonfiction Middle Plus

      Out of stock
      Detroit, the Motor City: Berry Gordy founded Motown Records in 1959 and “put pride on the flip side of prejudice,” producing hundreds of hit songs by African American artists. Author’s note. Time line. Selected discography. Source notes. Suggested resources for further information and enjoyment. Index. Black-and-white photographs.

      This Side of Wild: Mutts, Mares, and Laughing Dinosaurs

      by Gary Paulsen

      Dec 2015

      Nonfiction Middle+

      Out of stock
      Gary Paulsen once was saved from a grizzly bear attack by an eight-pound poodle! Here, he shares some personal experiences he’s had with amazingly intelligent and intuitive animals. Black-and-white illustrations rendered in pen and ink.

      The Inker's Shadow

      by Allen Say

      Nov 2015

      Nonfiction Middle+

      $12.75  $5.00  Member Price
      Allen Say recounts his early experiences in America in the 1950s, which involved learning English, a stint at a military school, a '46 Ford, art classes, and trying to understand girls. Author's note, with black-and-white photographs. Full-color and black-and-white illustrations created with watercolors, pen and ink, and pencils.

      Jump Back, Paul: The Life and Poems of Paul Laurence Dunbar

      by Sally Derby

      Oct 2015

      Nonfiction Middle+

      $12.00  $5.00  Member Price
      Out of stock
      Born in 1872 to former slaves, Paul Laurence Dunbar found success writing poems about everyday life, often in dialect: “Jest gi’ me my old settee / An’ my pipe beneath a tree.” Author’s note. Chronology. Source notes. Selected bibliography. Index. Black-and-white illustrations done in acrylic and pencil.
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