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      The Golden Day

      by Ursula Dubosarsky

      Oct 2013

      Young Adults

      $12.75  $5.00  Member Price
      Australia, 1967: As the Vietnam War rages overseas, Miss Renshaw takes her class on a field trip to "think about death"—and goes missing.

      Ship Out of Luck

      by Neal Shusterman

      Sep 2013

      Young Adults

      $12.75  $5.00  Member Price
      Series: Antsy Bonano, Book 3
      In the companion novel to The Schwa Was Here and Antsy Does Time, Antsy's friendship with an immigrant-smuggling stowaway thrusts him onto "the national stage like a piñata in headlights."

      The Caged Graves

      by Dianne K. Salerni

      Jul 2013

      Young Adults

      $12.75  $5.00  Member Price
      1867: Catawissa, Pennsylvania. When Verity Boone returns to her hometown, no one can explain to her why her mother was buried on unhallowed land, in a caged grave.

      The Cydonian Pyramid

      by Pete Hautman

      Jun 2013

      Young Adults

      $12.75  $5.00  Member Price
      Series: Klaatu Diskos Trilogy, Book 2
      In the second volume of the Klaatu Diskos trilogy, Tucker Feye and Lah Lia hurtle through time, propelled by a shared, unspoken need to find each other.

      The Milk of Birds

      by Sylvia Whitman

      May 2013

      Young Adults

      $12.75  $5.00  Member Price
      Over a year-long correspondence, a Darfur refugee and an American teen learn about each other's lives and come to better understand their own.


      by Michael Northrop

      Apr 2013

      Young Adults

      $12.75  $5.00  Member Price
      J. D. won't tell anyone where he went this summer. But, when a classmate provokes J. D.'s dog to attack him, J. D. hopes he can barter his secret for his dog's life.

      The Madness Underneath: Shades of London, Book Two

      by Maureen Johnson

      Mar 2013

      Young Adults

      $12.75  $5.00  Member Price
      Series: Shades of London, Book 2
      Rory's brush with the Ripper affected her more than she thought possible: she's become a human terminus, with the power to eliminate ghosts on contact.


      by Mick Cochrane

      Feb 2013

      Young Adults

      $12.75  $5.00  Member Price
      All Fitz wants in the world is some quality time with his dad. Today, Fitz is finally going to ask for it—at gunpoint.

      The FitzOsbornes at War: The Montmaray Journals, Book III

      by Michelle Cooper

      Dec 2012

      Young Adults

      $12.75  $5.00  Member Price
      When the Allies begin their drive across Europe, the FitzOsbornes take heart—maybe, just maybe, there will be a way to liberate Montmaray, and go home at last. Author's note. Family tree.

      The Curiosities: A Collection of Stories

      by Maggie Stiefvater

      Nov 2012

      Young Adults

      $12.75  $5.00  Member Price
      Three popular YA authors share experimental fiction they wrote for their blog,, along with their thoughts on the writing process. Introduction. Authors' annotations.

      Such Wicked Intent: The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein, Book Two

      by Kenneth Oppel

      Sep 2012

      Young Adults

      $12.75  $5.00  Member Price
      After Victor's father burns the Dark Library's collection, Victor finds one book intact. It soon leads Victor into the spirit realm, and to his dead twin brother.


      by Richard Harland

      Jun 2012

      Young Adults

      $12.75  $5.00  Member Price
      The Filthies control Worldshaker—renamed Liberator—but are still leery of the Swanks. As Col tries to prove his loyalty, the revolution spreads beyond the ship.
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