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      The Map of Stars: York

      by Laura Ruby

      Aug 2020

      Mystery Middle Plus

      The third and final volume in Laura Ruby’s acclaimed, bestselling alt-history trilogy is an adventure of epic proportions.

      After the stunning events of The Clockwork Ghost, Tess, Theo, and Jaime don’t know what to think about their legacy—both past and present. They have only one choice: to follow the Old York Cipher to the end.

      Doing so reveals the plans for a machine invented over 150 years ago but never built. Its purpose is a mystery, but Tess, Theo, and Jaime know that they must construct it. Doing so, however, will have massive repurcussions and will launch the twins and their friend on one final adventure. Working together with the mysterious Ava Oneal, they attempt to complete the Morningstarrs’ vision and avert a global crisis of historic proportions.

      The Clockwork Ghost: York

      by Laura Ruby

      Sep 2019

      Mystery Middle Plus

      It was only a few weeks ago that the Biedermann twins, Tess and Theo, along with their friend Jaime Cruz, followed the secrets of the Morningstarrs’ cipher further than anyone had in its century-and-a-half history—and destroyed their beloved home in the process. But the Old York Cipher still isn’t solved. The demolition of 354 W. 73rd Street only revealed the next clue in the greatest mystery of the modern world, and if Tess, Theo, and Jaime want to discover what lies at the end of the puzzle laid into the buildings of New York by its brilliant, enigmatic architects, they will need to press on.

      But doing so could prove even more dangerous than they know. It is clear that the Morningstarr twins marshaled all the strange technology they had spent their lives creating in the construction of the Cipher, and that technology has its own plans for those who pursue it. And it is also clear that the Biedermanns and Jaime are not the only ones on the trail of the treasure. As enemies both known and unknown close in on them from all sides and the very foundations of the city seem to crumble around them, Tess, Theo, and Jaime will have to ask themselves how far they will go to change the unchangeable—and if the price of knowing the secrets of the Morningstarrs is one they are willing to pay. National Book Award finalist Laura Ruby returns with the middle chapter in her epic alternate history adventure—a journey that will test Tess, Theo, and Jaime and change their lives forever.

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