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      Knights vs. the End (of Everything)

      by Matt Phelan

      May 2020

      Intermediate Readers

      A year has passed since the knights battled monsters on the mist-covered Orkney Isles. The knights have searched high and low for the elusive Queen Morgause, who is bent on destroying King Arthur and all of Camelot. Finally, a tip from the legendary Green Knight sends the heroes searching for the Faerie Realm, an eerie world where nothing is what it seems. Together, the knights will lose an old friend, discover a new ally, face a dangerous dragon, and learn what it means to be a legend.

      Award-winning author Matt Phelan’s Knights vs. the End (of Everything) is a highly illustrated, fast-paced adventure full of uproarious knightly hijinks, surprising secrets, and one terrifying dragon.

      Knights vs. Monsters

      by Matt Phelan

      Sep 2019

      Intermediate Readers

      Award-winning creator Matt Phelan’s Knights vs. Monsters is a highly illustrated, fast-paced adventure full of uproarious knightly hijinks, surprising secrets, and terrifying monsters. When a magical boat sweeps the Knights of the Round Table off to Scotland, they take on the evil Queen Morgause and her horde of monsters. With art on nearly every page, including an epic fight scene depicted in several graphic-novel style spreads, this engaging story is ideal for reluctant readers, aspiring knights, and fans of Gordon Korman’s Masterminds. In a starred review, Kirkus called the first book in the series, “Epic—in plot, not in length . . . and as wise and wonderful as Gerald Morris’s Arthurian exploits.”

      “A Note from Queen Morgause” with further information on Scottish tradition and legend. Black-and-white illustrations.

      Knights vs. Dinosaurs

      by Matt Phelan

      Mar 2019

      Intermediate Readers

      The Knights of the Round Table aren't very busy; the realm is at peace and dragons are few. So Merlin decides to send the knights out on an adventure to a world filled with the most terrible lizards of all.

      Further information on dinosaurs in the book. Black-and-white illustrations.
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