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      Wonder Undercover: The Real McCoys

      by Matthew Swanson

      Apr 2020

      Mystery/Adventure Elementary Plus

      Moxie joins the Wonder Scouts to investigate a suspected saboteur in the badge competition. But soon Moxie becomes enchanted with earning badges herself! Meanwhile, someone has broken into Tiddlywhump’s Local House of History, spurring Moxie’s little brother, Milton, to begin his own investigation. Can this irrepressible mystery-solving duo crack two different cases?

      Told in Moxie’s singular voice, Wonder Undercover delivers clever storytelling in an irresistible, unique package.

      Two's A Crowd: The Real McCoys

      by Matthew Swanson

      Jan 2019

      Mystery/Adventure Elementary Plus

      Siblings Moxie and Milton are very different. But if they combine forces, could they become a detecting dream team and identify the elusive Squiggler? Black-and-white illustrations. Instructions for writing a Squiggler letter. Online resources. Authors’ note. Moxie’s Dictionary (glossary).

      The Real McCoys

      by Matthew Swanson

      Apr 2018

      Mystery/Adventure Elementary Plus

      Can Moxie McCoy and her little brother, Milton, form an unlikely alliance and solve the crime of the century? “Moxie’s Official Debrief.” Glossary. “Meet Annabelle Adams.” Black-and-white illustrations.
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