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      Nervous System

      by Simon Rose

      Mar 2020

      Series Nonfiction
      Science Grades 6-8

      Nervous System guides readers through the fascinating inner workings of the human body. The human body contains several complex systems that work closely together to support life and allow the body to function properly. Nervous System explores the characteristics and interactions of this system, its makeup, and its importance.

      A Tour of Your Digestive System

      by Molly Kolpin

      Series Nonfiction
      Science Grades K-2

      $17.49 Special Order
      JLG offers this title because it is in the same series First Graphics: Body Systems, as A Tour of Your Nervous System, which is the January 2013 JLG Selection for the Series Nonfiction Level: Science K–2. For more information about this level or Junior Library Guild service, please contact your account rep or call us at 800.491.0174.
      Please note: This title is available by special order only and cannot be used as a substitution or replacement for JLG Reading Level or SLJ Series Nonfiction Level books. Orders for this title cannot be cancelled.
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