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      Fats Domino

      by Michael DeMocker

      Dec 2019

      Series Nonfiction
      History Grades 6-8

      While he would become very popular later in his life, Fats Domino had a simple beginning. He was raised by parents who loved music. He had seven siblings, many of which loved to play music too. Fats Domino spent his childhood chopping wood, boxing, and collecting scrap metal. When Domino was ten years old, his family got a piano. After that, every Saturday was a party at his house. There was music, dancing, and friends. Fats Domino fell in love with the piano and in doing so, set himself on a musical path that would shape the rest of his life. Step into this book to see how Fats Domino went from playing for his neighbors in his backyard to playing for all of New Orleans!
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