The Thickety: The Last Spell

By: J. A. White

Illustrator: Andrea Offermann

Kara and her brother Taff must find the hidden pieces of Princess Evangeline's grimoire to defeat Rygoth and her army of witches in one last good-versus-evil battle.

ISBN: 9780062381392

JLG Release: Jun 2017

Series: The Thickety
Sensitive Areas: Violence
Topics: Fantasy , Magic , Action and adventure , Adventure and adventurers , Friendship , Witches , Spells , Brothers and sisters , Monsters , Horror , Enchanted woods , Forbidden places , Human-animal communication , Memory loss

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Spring 2017 Kids’ Indies Next List, Ages 9 to 12

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June 2017



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7" x 5 1/2"

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Accelerated Reader

Level 5.4; Points: 12;

Scholastic Reading Counts

Level 4.6; Points: 19;


Level 750L


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Katherine Tegen

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Fantasy, Magic, Action and adventure, Adventure and adventurers, Friendship, Witches, Spells, Brothers and sisters, Monsters, Horror, Enchanted woods, Forbidden places, Human-animal communication, Memory loss,

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