Infinity Son

By: Adam Silvera

Ever since they were young, brothers Emil and Brighton have idolized the Spell Walkers—a vigilante group sworn to protect the world from specters. While the Spell Walkers and other celestials were born with supernatural powers, specters take them, violently stealing the essence of endangered magical creatures. A gang of specters is growing bolder by the day, and the fear they sow is making it harder for anyone with powers to live peacefully and openly in the world.

Shortly after their eighteenth birthday, Emil and Brighton are attacked by a specter, and, in trying to defend his brother, Emil manifests a power that shouldn’t be possible: phoenix fire—a power that only a specter could have. Convinced that he is the key to finally ending the war, the Spell Walkers want Emil to join their ranks, and they’re willing to take Brighton too if that’s his condition. For Brighton—even if he’s powerless—the chance to fight specters with his heroes is a dream come true. For Emil, the constant fighting—and the painful new power—is a waking nightmare. Much as they hate to admit it, the brothers are faced with an undeniable fact: one of them has what it takes to be a hero, but it’s not the one who desperately wants it.

ISBN: 9780062457820

JLG Release: Apr 2020

Sensitive Areas: Drugs, Mild sexual themes, Strong language, Violence
Topics: Magic , Supernatural , Brothers , LGBTQ

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April 2020



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Drugs, Mild sexual themes, Strong language, Violence


Magic, Supernatural, Brothers, LGBTQ,

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