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The Oboe Goes Boom Boom Boom

By: Colleen AF Venable

Illustrator: Lian Cho

There is a perfect instrument for everyone, and the jovial band director would love to tell you about them all—if only the enthusiastic little drummer would stop interrupting!

It’s time to join the band! The band director knows everything about all the instruments, and he can’t wait to help find the perfect one for you. But an irrepressible little girl keeps interrupting with loud BOOM BOOM BOOMS on her drum. At least until the band director introduces one instrument that’s even louder.

Acclaimed author Colleen AF Venable packs the text with boundless energy and giggle-worthy jokes—as well as information about eight instruments commonly played in school bands. Debut illustrator Lian Cho’s exuberant artwork matches the text note for note and practically leaps off the page. This joyous picture book will leave young readers eager to pick up an instrument and learn how to play!

“About the Band.” Full-color illustrations.

ISBN: 9780062494375

JLG Release: Dec 2020

Sensitive Areas: None
Topics: Musical instruments , Bands , Musicians , Humorous stories

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December 2020



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Musical instruments, Bands, Musicians, Humorous stories,

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