Maximillian Fly

By: Angie Sage

Maximillian Fly wants no trouble. Yet because he stands at six feet two, with beautiful indigo wings, long antennae, and more arms than you or me, many are frightened of him. He is a gentle creature that looks like a giant cockroach. This extraordinary human wants to prove his goodness, so he opens his door to two SilverSeed children in search of a place to hide. Instantly, Maximillian’s quiet, solitary life changes. There are dangerous powers after them and they have eyes everywhere. But in this gray city of Hope trapped under the Orb, is escape even possible? 

ISBN: 9780062571168

JLG Release: Sep 2019

Sensitive Areas: Violence
Topics: Prejudice and racism , Animals , Insects , Fantasy and magic , Cockroaches , Brothers and sisters , Survival , Science fiction

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September 2019


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Prejudice and racism, Animals, Insects, Fantasy and magic, Cockroaches, Brothers and sisters, Survival, Science fiction,

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