Ember and the Ice Dragons

By: Heather Fawcett

Ember St. George is a dragon. At least, she was, before her adoptive father—a powerful but accident-prone Magician—turned her into a human girl to save her life. Unfortunately, Ember’s growing tendency to burst into flames at certain temperatures—not to mention her invisible wings—is making it too dangerous for her to stay in London. The solution: ship Ember off to her aunt’s research station in frigid Antarctica.

Though eccentric Aunt Myra takes getting used to, Ember quickly feels at home in a land of ice storms, mischievous penguins, and twenty-four-hour nights. She even finds herself making friends—with a girl genius called Nisha and a mysterious orphan named Moss. Then she discovers that Antarctica is home to the Winterglass Hunt, a yearly tradition in which rare ice dragons are hunted for their jeweled scales. Furious, Ember decides to join the hunt to sabotage it from the inside. But being an undercover dragon isn’t easy—especially among dragon hunters. Can a twelve-year-old fire dragon survive the many dangers that come her way in the Antarctic wilderness and protect the ice dragons from extinction?

“A Note on the World.”

ISBN: 9780062854513

JLG Release: Dec 2019

Sensitive Areas: Violence: Mild Violence
Topics: Dragons , Endangered species , Magic , Orphans , Adventure and adventurers , Antarctica , Fantasy , Mythical animals , Action and adventure

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Fantasy/Science Fiction Middle Plus

Grades 5-8

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December 2019



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8 1/4" x 5 1/2"

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Level 760L


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Balzer + Bray

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Violence: Mild Violence


Dragons, Endangered species, Magic, Orphans, Adventure and adventurers, Antarctica, Fantasy, Mythical animals, Action and adventure,

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