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Brave Like That

Lindsey Stoddard

Hardcover edition
Language: Mild Language , Language: Infrequent Use

Find yourself. Find your place. Find your brave.

Cyrus was just a baby when his firefighter dad found him abandoned on the steps of the firehouse. Now he’s entering middle school, and Cyrus isn’t a record-breaking football star like his dad, or brave like the firefighters who helped raise him.

Instead, he’s as skittish as the stray dog who turns up on the same firehouse steps eleven years later, parks his head on Cyrus’s shoulder, and earns the perfect name—Parker. Except Cyrus’s dad says Parker would only be a distraction—a distraction that Cyrus desperately wants: from book reports, from football tryouts, and even from his two best friends, who are starting to act like jerks.

Cyrus feels as out of place as the stray dog who captured his heart. But if fitting in means pretending to be someone he’s not, maybe this is the year Cyrus can decide to be his own kind of normal—and there’s nothing braver than that.

Language: Mild Language , Language: Infrequent Use




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8 3/10" x 5 1/2"




5.3: points 9



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Oct 2020

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Self-actualization (psychology). Fire departments. Firefighters. Dogs. Reading disability. Middle schools. Schools. Orphans. Friendship. Grandmothers. Fathers and sons. Football.

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When a dog is left at the firehouse where his dad works, Cyrus immediately feels a connection. As a baby, he’d been abandoned there, too. The only person who could soothe him was Brooks Olson, the firefighter who ultimately adopted him. His dad has a strict no pets policy and warns Cyrus not to get attached to the dog he named Parker. The undernourished dog has health issues, and after dropping him off at the vet, Dad instructs Cyrus to forget about Parker and focus on middle school football tryouts. The problem is, Cyrus no longer wants to play football. He hasn’t found a way to share the news with his dad, who is also a local football legend. He also hasn’t figured out how to explain his struggles with reading. This issue becomes even more troubling when Cyrus is instructed to write a book report for language arts class. Balancing these secrets becomes harder, especially when Cyrus begins skipping football practice to volunteer at the shelter where Parker is housed. When Cyrus is caught in a lie, it is time to come clean with his father about who he wants to be. Stoddard has created complex, heartfelt characters. Cyrus’s grandmother, who has lost the ability to speak after a stroke, helps Cyrus navigate his struggles with reading and foster a love for music. The passages featuring their unique way of communicating are extraordinary. His burgeoning friendship with nonconformist new student Eduardo, who is bullied by Cyrus’s former football friends, is authentically written, and it’s a joy to see Cyrus finding his own voice as he defends him. This heartfelt and triumphant novel touches on bullying, stereotypes, and learning differences in a straightforward fashion. Cyrus’s journey toward self-acceptance will inspire readers of all ages.

Grades 5-7
Upper Elementary & Junior High
For Grades 5-7

The perfect literary mix for your middle-grade readers. Featuring subject matter a bit more complex and multi-dimensional, this category is packed with captivating novels and fascinating nonfiction. Expect the 12 books offered in tis category to fly off the shelf.

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Grades 5-7
Upper Elementary & Junior High
12 books per Year
$195.60 per Year

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